Hello! Update for the auction


Nov 2, 2019
Good afternoon! Is it possible to consider an update for the auction?I think the auction would have stirred up a little
1) if the auction margin of 1/2 ped was maximum and divided by a day (but not more than 0.0714 for the auction day).
2) 80% of the auction margin was returned to the player if he put up a lot for seven days, but did not bid and did not buy out by buyout, and you take 20% for yourself.
3) the product put up for auction for more than 2 days, at the first bid, a 24-hour countdown begins with the addition of 30 minutes for each subsequent bid
4) the product having 100% condition was taken in brackets (just like the product on which the bid was not made)
5) form lots (round lot, odd lot, Broken lot, Board lot)