How bad is overamping actually?


Mar 5, 2021
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Hello! I have question about overamping.

Is putting Trauma 4 amp on Leoi Shock Dagger a good idea or its actually better to use Trauma 1 instead?
Leoi is 19.5 dmg min, thus Trauma 4 overamping it by 0.5 dmg.

Weapon compare shows increase in dpp, so assume its overall not that bad.
But my concerne is loot distribution and tt return, can slight overamp affect any of those aspects?
I would say that if it increases dpp (what we used to call eco), then it's good.
Also dps will be improved, so your cost to kill will decrease.
But everybody will have its own opinion.
You can consider trying a few weeks. :)
2.934 amped/2.88(unamped)-1 =1.875% more loot that isnt shrapnel in the same ped cycled
59 amped/58.5(no overkill amped)-1=0.00854% dps you miss out on from over amping

1.875-.854+1= long term increase in mu from loot after factoring in overamp and what you could have gotten

101% better rounded down even after factoring in overamp

a more extreme example using items that dont exist
28.8/2.88= 10x more loot that isnt shrapnel in the same ped cycled
585 amped/58.5(perfectly amped)-1=900% what is being missed from over amping
10-9+1= 200% long term increase in mu from loot even after factoring in overamping
the -9 is how much dps you are leaving on the table and time wasted because of it
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either check your wording or check the way you do your math... but this resoult/statement is wrong
im including opportunity cost
if you can get 10 mu items then decrease your expenses by a factor of 10 then yes you can expect 9+1=10x more mu item drops in the same ped spent

but if you could have gotten another 10x on top of that from putting it on an appropriate weapon and not miss out on 9+1=10x the dps
that needs to be included in the how bad is overamping equation
though i will edit it to say this is relative to time spent
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Loot composition is driven by the actual bottomline dpp on a given mob - if you do a few crits, you (usually) get very little shrap, if the mob evades a lot, you get more shrap). Over a large number of kills the average actual dpp will approach the theoretical dpp of the weapon adjusted for regen and overkill.

Overamping will affect that very little, even increased overkill will have bigger effect.
Leoi is 19.5 dmg min, thus Trauma 4 overamping it by 0.5 dmg.
You will not notice that small overamp and it's preferred to "fill" all the available dmg especially during events or good MU opportunities.

Big overamping will result in more shrapnel in the loot instead of stackables, which is considered a worse loot composition. Extremely bad loot composition will result in all loot being shrapnel and no other item (not even a token)
As long as overamping doesn't drop your dpp too much then overamping is fine generally speaking. Just use weapon compare tool. If your dpp still goes up even with overamping then you're eff is probably going up also because you're using a loot 1.0 weapon (generally)