Immigration Update, PPR


Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
Welcome Back avid blog readers,

I am excited to share some good news you all of you :yay:

After a very long and tiring day at work (12 hour shift) I came home to get the good news that there was an update regarding our immigration paperwork.

It seems that everything looked good enough to be mailed from Buffalo to the New York City office, where they will mail me a letter requesting I send in my PassPort, (hence the PPR for PassPort Request).
Once They receive it, they will attach my Visa to it and mail it back! Then WoooooHooo :woohoo: I can finally start packing/ selling my things, quit my crummy job and get moving before the snow falls!

As I previously mentioned, our paperwork was put together in a very organized way, each section paper clipped, with a sticky note to show what each section contained. By doing so we were able to cut our processing time down by almost 1/2.

We bypassed the "More documents requested phase" and the "Dreaded Interview phase". The average processing time is about 214 days once the application is mailed/received. Right now we are at the 72 day mark.

Sure it was a huge weight off of my shoulders once everything was sent out, but now I'm really getting excited knowing that in a few short weeks all of this waiting will come to an end!