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Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
Welcome Back Avid Blog Readers,

Things are getting done, at a snails pace... but at least things are moving forward.

During the last week I managed to finally get those finger prints done. I went down to a different Police Station and had them done for FREE :D Even though the lady behind the counter said she thought there was a $10.00 fee... And that statement alone wasn't all that convincing.
I waited about 10 minutes and a detective came out to the lobby, walked me through the station and into the finger printing room.

I brought along 2 hard copies of the finger print cards, straight off of the FBI website, as I was asked again, "Do you have your cards"? Seems the regular 8.5x11 sized paper was a bit too large and wouldn't clamp into the contraption... So the detective sifted through a few piles of other finger print cards and found a few that were labeled Applicant, and he took 2 sets just in case.
After that was all said and done, the grand total was......... $0.00 :wtg:

During the coarse of the week I made a few trips to the post office... I sent out the request for my police record from the state of Massachusetts along with a money order for $25.00... A request for my police record for the state of Florida along with a money order for $24.00 and a request that the FBI look into my criminal record along with finger prints and a money order for $18.00.

For those of you keeping track... that's $67.00 not including the postage and fees to have the money orders printed out... Just to have 3 replies that say NO RECORD... Seriously a phone call would have saved a ton of aggravation :bomb:

So now I'm waiting for those 3 replies in the mail. Within the next few days I'll be doing a little more research as far as getting a list of a few "Approved" doctors and calling around to see just how consistent the Fees really are. :bs:
After all, I'm having to drive 2 hours out of my way to see either doctor in this state.. I may as well check out my options in Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Hell, I may even look into seeing a doctor in Canada... I could make a weekend trip to see James :silly2:

But once the replies come back, and the exam is done, we will then be able to send in all of the paperwork and all of the fees to finally get this process moving along.

You know I'll come back with an update with my results ;) But until then...

Happy Easter :hug: