Suggestion: Improvements to Medusa Swamp


Aug 7, 2007
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Sub-Zero The Killer
Due to the extra hunting activity in the Medusa Swamp I feel it needs to be improved somewhat to improve quality of life.

1. Make radar visible. Pressing next target or F while so many hunters currently can lead to shooting others mobs unnecessarily.

2. Add a cave (instance) for the L40 Calamusoids, size wise around like neomex cave for L40 calamusoids. Have a spot for one or two SH-30 (respawn time same as in the medusa swamp area). You should still need to take a [Medusa Swamp Inoculation] for getting rid of debuff as the debuff should still be active in that cave.

3. Improve the respawn rate of the smaller Calamusoid cave in medusa swamp or increase the spawn.

4. The Load and Unlock (repeatable) should still track your kills in the instances.

Hopefully this should help with lag and will prevent future KS and annoyances and people can hunt in peace.
That's all I could think of. If you got any other suggestions feel free to post.