Question: Information


Aug 21, 2019
Hello everyone,

After purchasing and running a succesfull shop on crystal palace im making the next step and purchased a shop on F.O.M.A.

I will take my time to setup the shop, and would like to know what items would be nice to put on sale for you to use when you visit F.O.M.A.
To my understanding there is mostly mining going on.
- What items do you use when mining?
- What consumable items would help you out when your on the asteroid?
- Is there anything else you would love to see in shop stock to make your life on the asteroid easier?

I hope you can provide me with some basic information, that will allow me to fit the shop to your needs.

Thank you, and see you soon.

Tom Archy Blad

Jun 8, 2020
Well i'm not a huge miner but I think that selling some most common (L) tools are still usefull :

Level ~10-20-30-50 Finder (L)
Level ~10-20-30-50 Extractor (L)
Mobile repair terminal (L), to avoid leaving a claim to repair extractor or rafiner.
Big stack of shrapnel...
Few basic amp for those who missed to buy it before going on FOMA
Few big gambling amp for those who don't want to go back on Caly and hurry to waste their ped.
Maybe some stack of depth enhancers