interesting - Gamma tower shops have estate terminals...


Apr 21, 2007
Auction room somewhere...
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Maria Mesh
Many months ago, in Omegaton West Habitat's Gamma Tower, there were shops but never any terminals... I know because I used to walk around to various places to look for specials pricing on things in Omegaton sometimes.. now there are terminals but they give you this error when you hit em.


Does this mean more estates will show up in the auction by the estate broker after the Medusa sell?!? :)

Same thing with Epsilon Tower shops, Alpha Tower Shops, Beta Tower Shops.

Booth #7 in Beta Tower is still hanging from the ceiling, and the trees are still growing through a booth or two in Beta too, lol.



FPC, if there are a lot of estates that the estate broker has that has not been released, maybe now that there's no rent, it'd be a good idea to release em to us so we have a more active community! I suspect there is demand for the shops, so why not sell em to the community to use as they are already there, just not usable as participants can't utilize them since they don't own them? Won't even require building a new continent...

Come on FPC you have the power to make this not be a ghost town... why are you choosing to not use that power?

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bump - Any answer to this FPC? Will these estates ever be sold or will they just sit here rotting for years while you focus energies on creating entire new continents?!?
Even if there is no rent, were FPC to put all available shops on auc, it would crash the market for them.
Even if there is no rent, were FPC to put all available shops on auc, it would crash the market for them.
Not so sure about that... If they were smart, they'd get on this ASAP as Medusa will have lots of estate investors having money in game right after that and/or during it as folks with few too peds would have something else to throw their peds on. Massive missed opportunity if they just leave all these estates that could and should be sold as they are already in game in my opinion. Looks like there's still a lot of water between Medusa and Amethera on the map... so lots of room to add more islands and other continents later if they need to do more sales in the future. Also a lot of room on Amethera that is not set up as LAs yet that could be used later to sell off or put in landgrabs.
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