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Interrogation report File PCF/CDF/RX/7463-4


Mar 7, 2006
Odysseus Unbound
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Jerry "Wollo" Wollongong
During a routine patrol, unit Alpha-37 discovered a group of dead civilians near Billies Spaceship Afterworld. Aware of the reports of non-functioning revival terminals, the field commander decided to investigate, hoping he would be able to collect information abou why these civilians were not revived at the nearest revival point. Although the unit was unable to collect any data, the mission can be considered a success, as they managed to locate and repatriate one settler, whom they found hiding in the nearby hills.

The civilian has been identified as Jerry Wollo Wollongong, who has no military record, but who has fought in self defense during the last robot wars. Contrary to what one would expect of a veteran of earlier wars, the civilian had not managed to maintain his calmness. Present military personell reports that the civilian was panicking when they discovered him, and even tried to attack on soldier in an attempt to escape. Paramedics administered some tranquilizers and the civilian was transported to the nearest CDF Intell base where he spent a day in the sickbay to recover. After he was released by the Hospital Commander, he was requested to report at the interrogation room for a debrief.

Interrogation report
File PC/CDF/RX/7463-4
Subject: Jerry Wollo Wollongong
Interrogation performed by: Maj. xxxx xxxxxxxxx
Transcript by: Cpl. xxx xxxxxxx

Interrogator: Mr. Wollongong, how are you feeling today
Subject: ....

I: Mr Wollongong? Do you hear me?
Transcriptor: Civilian acknowledges that he is aware of interrogator by nodding.

I: Are you feeling better today?
S: I guess....

I: You guess...? How so?
S: Can't be worse... can I?

I: Can you tell me what happened?
S: ...

I: Do you remember what happened?
S: I am not sure...where am I?

I: You are safe, Mr. Wollongong, you are in a CDF base. We picked you up two days ago over at Billies. Do you remember that?
S: Billies.... billies.... oh.... oh my god... (silence)... they are dead...? Aren't they?? They are all dead!
T: Subject puts his head on the table, covers it with his hands and cries. After about 5 minutes, he appears to recover from these emotions again. Interrogator hands him a tissue to dry his tears.

I: I am afraid they are, Mr. Wollongong, I am afraid they are. Did you know these men and women?
S: *sniff* Well.... yeah... we'd been hunting for a while together, and you know how these hunts are. You have to work together closely to deal with nature around here.... this... creates a bond... you know? Like brothers in arms.

I: I see. Mr. Wollongong, you were found in near Billies. Could you tell me what you were doing their?
S: Well, we were looking for new trophies. You see... we were doing those...uhm...missions... for the CFA. You know, controlling wildlife by selective culling? We had been given multiple assignments... daikibi, argonaut, cornuns... we were supposed to kill a large number of those, so we were looking for new and rich habitats.

It went quite well... until.... until.... oh.....

T: At this time, the subject turns pale and looks around frantically. Coïncidentally, a VTOL just flew by. The sound of the jet engine seems to have triggered something which caused the subject to panic. Subject jumped up, knocking down the table, and ran to the door. The subject was intercepted by guards, and was administered tranquilizers again. The interrogation was continued the next day, in the presence of a psychiatrist.

I: Mr. Wollongong, do you think you can tell me about what happened before we found you?
Psychiatrist: Please try to ask specific questions
I: Mr. Wollongong, do you remember that we found you?
S: Yes

I: Do you know when that was?
S: A few days ago, I think... I don't sleep well. So I am not sure.

I: You don't sleep well?
S: I have dreams... horrible dreams... it's like... like...
P: You do not have to answer if you can't...
S: I can, and I will... (silence).. I have these dreams..two of them. If have this flashback to what happened... I see us happily through the woods..then mechanical noises...we look around..nothing...and then, from the sky... fire...grenades...death...it's horrible... I see Hellen... she was so beautiful... We had just agreed to go on a date once we'd be back in town, and after we had taken a shower... she was cut into pieces by a laser (silence, some tears)... I see Benjamin dodging a bullet, only to catch a grenade... they are dead... all dead... and I am surrounded by these bots...they don't kill me, for some reason...

and there is this other dream... I am ... I am a robot... I see what the robots see. I see their army, their leaders, their plans. God, these horrible plans. I can hear the bots speak with eachother, and I speak with them. Do you know that old movie they excavated on Earth a decade ago? I think it was called... Star Track or something...where there is a species which consists of individuals who are all part of the collective mind...? It's like that.

When I sleep...they talk to me... it's terrifying... and if it is true...

we are going to die. All of us...


P: Calm now, Mr. Wollongong...Calm now

At this moment, the subject loses his calmness and starts panicking again, attacking anyone nearby. The subject had to be subdued and is currently incarcerated.