Question: Is there a list of all Technician blueprints?


Apr 21, 2007
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Maria Mesh
Anyone ever compiled a list of all of the blueprints in the technicians on each planet, and how those may have changed over the years?

Similar question for stuff available in the Trade Terminal?

If no answers in here, I'll probably work on trying to get something together eventually. (noticing way too many trade terminal and technician things on auction these days)
(this list is going to be going off of what's in my inventory... will need to check each planet eventually to verify?)


Attachment Blueprints
Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint
Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) Blueprint

Tools Blueprints:
Finder F-101 Blueprint

Armor Blueprints:
Settler Arm Guards Blueprint
Settler Harness Blueprint
Settler Shin Guards Blueprint
Settler Thigh Guards Blueprint

Weapon Blueprints:
Jester D-1 Blueprint
Mann MPH Blueprint

Component Blueprints:
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint
Basic Sensor Blueprint
Basic Filters Blueprint

Enhancer Blueprints:
Armor Defense Enhancer I Blueprint

Tailoring Blueprints:
Basic Pattern Pants (C) Blueprint
Basic Pattern Shirt (C) Blueprint

Furniture Blueprints:
Pall Stool (C) Blueprint

Material Texture Blueprints:
Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint

Enhancer Blueprints:
Armor Defense Enhancer 1 Blueprint
Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer 1 Blueprint
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer 1 Blueprint
Weapon Range Enhancer 1 Blueprint

Vehicle Parts Blueprints:
Combustor Blueprint

Books in the Technician:
Tools (Vol 1)
Tools (Vol 2)
Tools (Vol 3)
Tailoring (Vol 1)
Tailoring (Vol 2)
Armor (Vol 1)
Armor (Vol 2)
Armor (Vol 3)
Weapons (Vol 1)
Weapons (Vol 2)
Weapons (Vol 3)
Weapons (Vol 4)
Attachments (Vol 1)
Attachments (Vol 2)
Component (Vol 1)
Component (Vol 2)
Component (Vol 3)
Limited (Vol 1)
Limited (Vol 2): NOTE: You'll get more slots per pec with Volume 1 overall!
Furniture (Vol 1)
Material Textures (Vol 1)
Enhancers (Vol 1)
Vehicle Parts (Vol 1)


N.G.L. (N00b Grenade Launcher) - an actual weapon that was in Rocktropia's Technician at one point in time.

A.R.C. Technician Blueprints:
Protective Coating Blueprint
Acid Protective Coating Blueprint
Heat Protective Coating Blueprint
Bonding Liquid Blueprint

Cyrene Blueprints:
Cube Enhanced Metal Blueprint
Cube Fortified Motherboard Blueprint
Cube Infused Calcium Blueprint
Embossed Cyrene Shirt Blueprint
Cube Empowered Lube Blueprint

Arkadia Vehicles Blueprint:
Sandrunner Fuel Cells Blueprint

Trade Terminals:

will work more on this list later at a later time... if you are near a technician or trade terminal, feel free to add a reply post that lists what you see... Remember things in there change over time.

Having trouble remembering ancient days of the vendor in Zychion Citadel... May add info on different planet's stuff like A.R.C. Vendors, etc. if I get around to it eventually... also may add info on the starter chain items, etc. Also, be sure to check out Avalon's Gift List for a listing of different holiday gifts given out over the years.

To do list/Keep in Mind List:
start studying entropiawiki and bob the builder more...

start stocking up on TT items to sell for when they get removed from the technicians and trade terminals. ;) (quite a few people already got quite a few peds for doing that when the Unlimited items mostly got removed. Markup on n.g.l. is now hovering around 319.41 ped for the month, 349.80 for the year! Full sets of unlimited S.I. Gear is going for around 400 ped or so in game on average some days.

Keep in mind that QR 100.00 Blueprints are worth more than QR 1.0 Blueprints, and that L Blueprints work differently than Unlimited Blueprints... Also, keep in mind that tier values add markup to items...
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Apr 21, 2007
Billy Bar
the Ministry
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