Item crafting how i'd like to see it


May 22, 2009
The Ministry
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Jennson Laudi Marakomm
Hi everyone,
once in a while i dream and have phantasies how i'd like to see something working in Entropia. Good thing is these dreams don'T need to consider feasability within the technical borders of the gameengine etc.

One thing that should be better, more rewarding, and more customizable in EU imho is crafting and the items it produces.

How should items be ?

Every item in Entropia should be a blank statholder. How would that work ?

I try to explain it by weapons as example.

Lets call it basic blp rifle, basic laser carabine etc. All these should have some base stats based on their class. The class determines some base characteristics:
Shortblade (almost) no range, low damage, fast to use,
Laser Rifle: High range, High base damage, slow reload etc.

The basic items should have very low TT values. To double the TT value to cope with higher item decay when it deals more damage, combine two items in a item mod station. Voilla the same item with double TT value.

Beside that the look of the item should be very basic and boring.

To customize these items they should have several parts

-Several parts "models" that can be applied and combined. These models can be customized with colors and textures and are crafted.

That stimulates the economy by creating demand. The look of base items can be modified to match a theme
someone choose for their avatar customization. The cool look and sound becomes luxury, but we know there are several people who are willing to pay for it.

-Sound model: Here you can apply something that determines the sound, if nothing is applied it has some boring basic sound
-4-5 optical model parts which represent parts of several weapon parts.

To finish the customization people can also apply a name tag to it. You created something really cool looking ? Give that awesome looking gun a unique name like "Atrox Nemesis" or whatever you like.

But the main value of items is not how it looks. The real value is in the stats of each item. For every stat an item has there should be a slot where a component kit can be inserted to raise the stat. ( For a few stats this does not make sense obviously - like 100 m range for a Melee weapon ).
The component kits are basic items and can be combined the same way weapons can be combined tou double the TT value.

the more you combine, the more powerfull they become. BUT usefullness is determined by diminished return, that means to raise max damage by 10 you need 1 kit, to raise the next 10 you need already a level 2 kit ( numbers are just an example ). That way a high level max-dmg component kit becomes very valuable although it is made from components everyone has access to.

There should be kits for every stat an item has. For weapons that could be min dmg, max dmg, crit% crit dmg mod, reload speed, range etc. Not every stat is applicable to every weapon class, but you get the point.

The kits are also crafted and it should be not too expensive to craft them. Some very rare ones with special abilities could also drop in (L) blueprints. These could apply special effects e.g. stun or are more powerfull than their normal counterparts ( uber dmg, uber eco ...)

That basically means a craftter can produce not only predefined items, but can create all kinds of cool customized stuff and really can become a crafter.

Everything except the basic models can be crafted and the basic weapon models without any modification are available from TT with stats suitable for newcomers.

That way demand on many unused components, materials etc. could be created and crafting could become a more creative profession. This should not only apply to weapons:
-Tools, Armors, Vehicles... you name it.

Am i the only one who would love to see way more customization in crafting ? This would probably not work in EU, but still i like also to dream about the stuff that we will probably never see in EU.


Jan 5, 2006
Chicago, IL
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Randy Hypnotyk Bafia
My soc mate and I discussed this about armor plates instead, which would be a good starting point. Rather than having pre-defined protection stats built in to plates as we do today, how about we get an empty armor plating with 3 sockets to fill?

Each socket would take a component that is crafted from looted/mined resources.. for example you can use alien blood + rextelum blood sample to make high end acid protection, or feffox hide + chomper wool + adrenal oil to make cold protection component. Then you can add yuka plate + longu plate + argonaut skin to make high impact or increased durability components which you would then slot into the empty armor plate.

Furthermore, make all armor plates limited (with some rare UL versions) where once you socket the components, they are destroyed with the plate or when removed. This would increase the turnover of creature loot and increase armor plate crafting along with component crafting. I think it would be a pretty neat system and it would allow for really unique armor plating which can be leveraged for specific hunting situtations.

As for feasibility, this should not be that difficult to implement for MA. They already have the tiering system for guns/armor, just make armor plating work in a similar fashion but just have 3 slots only and have them unlocked.


Mar 25, 2007
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
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Bill Airboy Ivanhoe
I would like to have more customizable and specializations features in EU in general. Both in things like crafting and also in the way of avatar's attributes and skills.


Sep 10, 2012
Moscow - Russia
Deep Core Mining
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Andrey Andy Russian
Too hard!!! :mad:

Maybe we better to ask for a table-looked inventory and all kinds of sorting it?


Aug 2, 2010
Bloomin' Blighty
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Peezle Peez McPee
Crafting is stupid as the game exists.

It is the most ridiculous activity.

Think about it.


Jun 22, 2006
Entropia Directory
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Spike Spike Black
With vehicles I can see this working, in fact it was suggested when they were introduced. You'd buy the base vehicle and then customize it.

With weapons and armour it sounds similar to the system in the last Deus Ex where you'd add mods to increase certain base stats with a little thrown in from Final Fantasy on the attributes.

If they removed all other crafting options i.e. existing bp's then they might have a chance to make this work but ultimately if it becomes too complex people won't use or worse could turn them away from EU because it just becomes unfathomably complex.

Sometimes I miss the days when we just had to pick up a gun put an amp on it and blast away with no concerns for tiering or if it's UL or L or sib or if I'm in the sib range or out of it.
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