Just a heads up about the VU and the UI + Lab update


Sep 20, 2008
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funkyfishy bangfap lootswirlie
Q: When will MindArk tell us their definition of "soon"?
A: Soon.
i can answer that one ,, remember vu 10 sga and cyengine ,, took a few years before pets came back ,,, that was soon :D lol


Jul 28, 2012
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h4mmer 4nd s1ckle
here is what i think needs to be fixed next.
first person view when hunting using F key could use some work.

since deciding to put this feature in "1 click hunting" the angle of the camera in first person view when hunting could use some adjusting.
many times im hunting (for example Pandi on arkadia) at far range when the creature is still swimming towards me everything is fine but when it reaches me and if i am in first person view then 90% of creature is not even in my view anymore, off the screen, so then im left with looking at a tail of something.
i feel this is some unfinished work that needs to be polished up and made into what it's meant to be.

we need a permanent camera angle option that puts the target in the middle of my screen, the current UI is more than fine, dont think anyone wants that changed.

next fix should be PVP exploits. if i cause the killing blow to an enemy in PVP lootable area then that player should lose toxic shot and this is broken at the moment

dont fix what's not broken. UI is classic and we like it just fine.