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Sep 30, 2012
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Thaddeus Rusty Venture
I've been making a lot of posts about land plots so I am going to summarize them here.
Also can we get a Land Plot section on the forum? They are quite different from other properties.

Info Threads
Price to Grow Transgen Plants
Highest XP Land Plots List
Plot XP points and levels
Skills that make the gardening profession
Transgen Fruit are different sizes and rotation
Price to build snug + garden
Gardening Release Thread

Plot Tours:
Southern Ithica Tour - 28/1/2017

Farming Services:
Rusty Farming Service

Farming Shops
Selling Transgen Fruit forum thread - Thaddeus Rusty Venture
Southern Ithica Farms Shopkeeper - Forgo Forgorth Lundain

Post here and I will add your links