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Feb 10, 2005
Delta Junction - AlaskA
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Ford Zippo LincolnMercury
Regarding Land Grab; Background: In days of old, Land Grabs were conducted on all land areas simultaneously or at least on the same day. This resulted in the top societies being required to prioritize which lands they defended the best, as well as incentivized raids to re-set the claims on other lands. The net result was a much more popular event, in which multiple societies would participate, careful tactics and strategies had to be implemented, and in my opinion was much more fun. In modern times, land grabs are staggered out at various times and dates such that it is very rare for multiple lands to be competed for on the same day. As a result, the modern methodology is to consolidate power in a single society which tends to dominate for a period of time, with no more than a single rival society attempting to overthrow the dominant society. This results in a concentration of land grab dominance, typically to only 1 society, and with only a single rival, if any, and all other would-be participant societies going dormant from the land grab scene for extended periods of time. In various threads and support cases, especially in the last 2 years, members of rival societies have agreed that the land grab system needs to be revamped in order to improve net participation. I propose that aligning all land grabs to occur simultaneously would result in a substantial increase in Land Grab participation, as it would enable more than just one or two societies to have a serious chance at winning a land. It would enable up to 8 distinct societies to win a land, and likely spark significantly more participation and competition in the Land Grab event. I believe that a significant improvement in the participation rate of land grab would have a trickle-down effect of motivating players in multiple societies to acquire PvP gear, to skill up to use said gear, and to continue skilling their avatars to be more competitive in PvP. This would have a further trickle-down effect of more participation in PvP (even outside of land grab) since more players would be outfitted for it. I just remember having much more fun when there was one date you could plan for where all landgrabs would take place.

This leads to my Question: Would MindArk be willing to revert to the prior schedule of landgrabs, perhaps on a trial basis (say 1 year), in which all land areas go up for grabs at the same time and if server congestion is the concern, can these landgrabs take place within separate instances?

Thank you!


Sep 13, 2009
Agents of Entropy
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Fronske Frank VDBank
Over the last few years only a handfull of societies are participating in Landgrabs. The main reason for this is that the costs of participating are far larger than the benefits. Are there any plans to improve the Landgrab experience in the near future?