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Jul 9, 2007
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John Black Knight
For close to 8 years now have i been searching space mobs - thats right its more a search then a hunt cause whenever one gets in range a single gunner can kill it before it reaches the ship and for whatever reason mindark seems to be unwilling to increase spawn density even for a single mob spawn nor do get any high level mobs (lvl1000+) ever added for space (which are necessary if you want to have a reason to man all gun turrets).
The speed of motherships and privateers in current space makes them take a really long time to get from one mob to the other, making space hunt a test of patience.
So i have been thinking of what else could be done to make hunting a more viable option for large spaceships:
Please add a longrange radar ping, a signal that can be sent out by a large spaceship which will aggro any space mob in a 2AU radius around the ship - lock the ship down in movement(subwarp/warp) for 5minutes after such a ping is sent so it can not be used to train mobs on other ships but will only be used to draw a large number of mobs from a wide area to attack the ship giving gunners an opportunity to get busy.

If possible allow different range pings and lockdowns (a ping can not be sent again while in lockdown):
1AU - 2min30sec
2AU - 5minutes
4AU - 10minutes

Ping should not work accross serverboarders and should be weaker then actual damage - eg you cant pull a mob with a ping from another ship that is fighting it or is already chased by it.


Sep 17, 2006
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Bare BareBones Bones
I love this idea for hunting.

Wouldn't it also be used to for defending your ship if being attacked , to agro mobs within range of attacking ships ?