Looking for a mentor... lazy, afk, ignorant, overweight is A-OK


Nov 20, 2010
**Found a mentor, thanks all.**

I just found out I can still be mentored, it just so happens I'm going to replace the crafting skills i chipped out on by repair skilling. Candidates don't need to do anything, but I would like the ME item if crappy or a decent split if good.

My stats:
Max level 51 blp sniper/damage
146 hit points
6.4k anatomy
3.5k geology
460 engineering
(dunno what other requirements there are.)

Pm me online, thanks.
Jenny Magix McHale
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Man i don't know this sounds like a lot of work :)

Doing nothing ain't easy as its seems it really takes a lot of skill - and years of ummmm-- doing ummmm nothing :scratch2:

Now you want me to not waste my time not helping you to get a crappy mentor award?

ughhhhh - well alright, but seriously - i ain't got to do shit? Cause that is all i am willing to do

consider this some kinda of reply and application to do nothing for you :)
Because one more pair of Hunter ME gloves is exactly what this world needs :yup: