Selling: Lower Level Creature Specific Skins - Wools & Extractors

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Mar 25, 2018
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Lower Level Creature Specific Skins - Wools & Extractors
Thank you for taking the time to look at my thread. I am currently working low level codex while tiering my my UL Corrosive chip so have some low level creature specific loot.
I Will list what I have in the tables below in aphabetical order and the MU I would like to see them go for. I will keep my asking as fair as possable for both parties.
I do also have some other low level items eg. Foul Bone ect. Also feel free to place orders and I will try to hunt for a specific Item for you.

Daikiba WoolTT: 25.60 PED140%
Exa WoolTT: 1.80 ped110%
Merp WoolTT: 0.36 ped200%

Cornundacauda SkinTT: 1.80 PEDOffers
Daikiba SkinTT: 9.75 PED105%
Foul SkinTT: 0.30 PED120%
Prancer SkinTT: 2.70 PED145%
Sabakuma SkinTT: 13.64 PED130%
Snablesnot SkinTT: 7.64 PED135%
Snarksnot SkinTT: 1.02 PEDOffers
Tantardion SkinTT: 1.20 PED115%
Tripudion SkinTT: 0.30 PED120%

Basic Cloth ExtractorTT: 0.66 PEDOffers
Basic Gem ExtractorTT: 0.07 PED
Basic Leather ExtractorTT: 25.30 PEDOffers
Basic Mineral ExtractorTT: 0.11 PEDOffers
Basic Stone ExtractorTT: 2.46 PEDOffers
Basic Wood ExtractorTT: 0.93 PEDOffers
Diluted Cloth ExtractorTT: 1.01 PEDOffers
Inferior Cloth ExtractorTT: 7.90 PEDOffers
Second-Rate Cloth ExtractorTT: 0.28 PEDOffers
Strong Cloth ExtractorTT: 0.11 PEDOffers
Superior Cloth ExtractorTT: 0.03 PEDOffers
Weak Cloth ExtractorTT: 0.53 PEDOffers

See Below for last update to vaules 👍
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