Selling: Mace MK. 6 FEN Edition T6+Trauma 10 FEN Edition - SOLD


Dec 13, 2017
Combo Deal Only
PED's preferred or trades with BC-80 Aug + dif / LP-100 Mod.

98.8+ Base DPS
88.1%+ Efficiency
SIB Range 60-70
Tier rate 158 / 200

SOLD for 100k

Weapon is Tier 6.xx , the biggest mace from game. (I hoffed at T4 , T5 , T6), only 5 in game.
Im not in a hurry to sell, Im using it to grind.
End-game weapon , very good to grind all day long with no losses. (I want an upgrade)
Please keep this thread clean, I will not answer to troll offers.
BEWARE: This is a big toy , not for amateurs ! :)
Avatar in-game: Peicu Mario Loretty.


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