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Jul 7, 2005
Digital Resistance
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Randall Psychnosiz Flagg
... is a challenge, bothways.

It's firstly an indicator towards my last disciple/RL friend who I finally managed to get inside and who is doing rather wel in the hof charts, combined with a healthy eco view on the economy ingame. Whilst it might be a bit annoying when the pupil outgrows the master, it shows new perspectives which I've missed before. My subjective view is always restrictive and due to the "unknown" primal eu stage combined with friends just gambling around that view has been tainted over the last years.

Secondly, after a resting period I decided to come back to EU, learn fom my disciple this time and see it I can enlarge skills in a similar way. Without depositing though, as I feel that has taken a large suspense out of the game. Not needing to save up for a weapon, not having to do any effort ... only reduces the joy of using gears and blinds the road ahead.

My storage has been partly cleaned out, still some stuff to go although I would prefer not to go bankrupt ofcourse :p but I will avoid depositing (aka cheating) as much as possible. So buffer is in place between MA and VISA giving me the opportunity to collect nice offers and take some peddamage along the way.

The blogs in "Bombs Away' will be an indicator of my progress/profit and losses so I can only advise to check them regularly and see how I am doing.

Best regards,