Maria's Endeavors

styling ihe new tourist look...

well, that apartment on auction didn't sell...

so I just insanely purchased some furniture and decorations to put in to it. As soon as this Asclarius gets up to level 7 (he's about half way up level 6) I'm going to get my avatar off of this Next Island place. I have some planet hopping to do if I'm going to refurnish the apartment. I hate doing it some since it is annoying as hell that the my items list on Mindark's main web page doesn't sort out which estate any item is in and just gives you a big honking list... but I can work with that I guess.

Soon the interior decorating begins anew.

I'm kind of curious to see what the heck these two fountains are going to look like inside of an interior estate, lol. ;)

It was very interesting watching the new booths on Next Island Crystal Peak get built and sold right in front of my avatar's eyes while I was here the last little while. I originally came here to get the survey shirt and now I had it. I found the transformers gear to be way overpriced, but bought it anyways. My entire thought prorcess on what to do in the future has actually in ways been changed by this entire sitting and waiting process as my pets grow to level 7, including the newly acquired asclarius...

I do wish I hadn't bought as many Ancient Greece shares since they do have a slow roi at the moment, but there's little glimpses here andthere of a more positive future for these things. I'm not quite ready to sell them off but may someday. We shall SEE....

I'm tempted to buy a shopkeeper but since I don't deposit regularly am not sure I can afford it at the moment, especially with the prices jacked up to over 5k when they were 2.5-3 k not too many years ago... but we shall see what the future holds.

With the newest stimulus package here in the US, Mindark and Planet Partners really missed the boat by not doing a superbowl ad again this year... oh well, maybe in a few more years Neverdie will come back to life at a revive and talk some sense in to them. Wonder if he's learned anything about timing...
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Now that I'm back in Calypso airspace back to taming...
working on upping all Calypso/Monrian pets that are not exportable til level 7 up to that exportable levell.
Corinthian Silver is level 5
Eudorian Ruby Devilis level 4
leprechaun blue is level 5
leprechaun green is level 4
hoggly pygmy is level 5
yog hatchling is level 4
corinthian ruby is level 4
sapphire chirin dragon is level 6
corinthian kanin is level 6
eudorian devil is level 6
anicient snablesnot female is level 5
ruby chirin dragon is level 4.

Wish I whould have taken Island Gorilla to Next Island with me on the last voyage but alas that did not happen so someday I'll be heading back to there or Secret Island on Rocktropia.. Probably secret island since I have some vixens to up levels on too...

and a few other critters tha tstill need a few more levels on Cyrene as well.

Maria's Muse: FOMA Shop #22 will be getting restocked more now til these Calypso based pets are all level 7.

slowly working on downsizing inventory a bt...
if you like weapons blueprints, now's the time to visit an auctioneer...

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It's been an interesting day...

started off the day doing some browsing around a few shops...


Then went hunting drones a bit. Adjusted vigi and 6A help that a lot.
(burning down the shriek offensive tt value before putting it in the shop)


Then went taming a few dragons.




Chirin Dragon Young
26 PEDSun, 11 Apr 2021 04:53:37

I will in some ways miss the old viper whip, but it is a hell of a lot more fun using the Boiga from time to time. The Level 4 Melee Amp on it makes it a bit more fun than it was previously... still not sure if I want to bid on that mamba whip in the auction or not but we'll see. :)

I really wish I'd had bought many more vipers back in the day before the taming was gone from game so long before being reintroduced. They were only 200 ped or so markup back then. I completed the puny missions on a couple of planets just using that tiny damage whip. Doing that got me my first 12 levels or so in the whipper profession. If that daily tab tab mission existed back then I cannot imagime what my skill level would be today, lol.

Finally,tamed my first Sapphire Devil.


I really wish I would have been watching what I was doing more since there were actually 3 sapphire critters that I saw tonight. I only managed to tame 1. I think the other two were chirin...

The first one I overkilled on accident since the beautiful melee amp was still on the whip and my daughter was doing something in real life that caused me to turn away from the screen before I realized what happened.

Second attempt I overkilled on accident since the life bar on these guys is just too small... didn't let it heal enough before the final snap of the whip.

Third one that showed up about 30 minutes later up the hill finally was a success. Had to go tame about 4 other critters while letting him heal before it finally worked.

This little guy may end up in the shop soon.

My other sapphire devil is around level 3 at the moment. Not sure if I'll skill this one up or just sell him.
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a bit more unlimited weapon crafting...
(shop history and a lot more about my items and my louse use of of overpaying on the auction and bidding on ores instead of ingots are in there than probably should be, lol. That's what happens when I randomly stream and am fairly tired when doing so)
most of the Zoo has been sold off. Will update the list later.

Few pics from space
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Just fumblin through the daily... lol. Fun times. Thsi outlines the path I typically take, which does not start at the first one the mission says to start at. This is day 2 of re-starting this crazy thing. I am thinking about recording a daily video as I do this to just watch the ammo stack grow over time. We'll see though. It's a bit of a waste of time, but a couple of peds is a couple of peds... As you can see I keep several sticky notes up with the coordinates in case I accidentally do a typo in ctrl c ctrl v, etc.

Regarding the ensemble - pants are from the Arkadia starter mission; Shirt is from Next Island Survey thing; Glasses are from most recent Toulan St. Patrick's Day; Maze Hammer is from Cyrene maze; May need to find something to represent Rocktropia some time. I'd wear the cheap a$$ gloves but the skeleton gloves look better. Hair is from that vu when they let us redo avatar looks a long time ago so I consider that a Calypso item even though it's really a virrtual universe thing.

I may update my forum avatar someday, but maybe not. That shows how avatar looked prior to the latest hair change, etc. The beret in that pic was the colonist beret, and the clothes at that time were a cool luna set given to me by Nihilist at tt price back in the day. It's been TTed off many years ago, but reminds me of a simpler, nicer era long gone that may come back eventually.
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'upgrade' on shop is still underway...

Forgot how much fun apartment decorating can be after not having an apartment until today for a long while...





wish I wasn't such a visually oriented person so I could put armor on all those mannequins to save room in item slots elsewhere, but I like their outfits... wish I had a matching pair of pants to go with the optimus prime helmet. I may add some color to that shirt someday.

View of Calypso from up here is amazing.

Also it still is neat to see how the ifn partition creates a sort of false window if put against an exterior wall.... wish we had more special items like that for other scenes.

If you want to visit the Apartment is Alpha West 11 F I believe.

I really wish Mindark would let Calypso ads show up here on Foma since we are technically in Calypso's airspace... but we'll see what they do... I don't think there is even an ad terminal up here anywhere?
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(move along - just an few notes on some things I'm doing as I sort through inventory, old links, etc.)
Estates, etc.:
Foma Shop 21 & 22
Alpha West Floor 11, Apartment F

Blueprints, etc.:
Old, likely outdated one of everything project

Updated Listing of where the blueprint books stand:


sold off:
Explosive Projectiles 4 BP
Explosive Projectiles 3 BP

Missing or don't own::
Hardened Alloy BP
Metallic Bone Replacement BP​


Missing or don't own:
Galaxy 12V Gel Batteries BP
Simple 4 Conductors BP
Galaxy 8V Gel Batteries BP
GeoTrek Hardened Enbolts BP
Simple 3 Plastic Ruds BP
GeoTrek Enbolts BP
Simple 3 Plastic Springs BP
Monrian Enhanced Plating BP
Monrian Enhanced Power BP
Mechanomatrix Adapter Unit 3 BP
UL Welding Wire BP
Mechanomatrix Adapter Unit 2 BP
Mechanomatrix Adapter Unit 1 BP​


Missing or don't own:
Component Widget 8 BP​


Recently sold off a few blueprints...

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Do have:​

***full set, no feet*** 1
1 BodyGuard Arm Guards BP
2 BodyGuard Face Guard BP
3 BodyGuard Gloves BP
4 BodyGuard Harness BP
5 BodyGuard Shin Guards BP
6 BodyGuard Thigh Guards BP

Settler Arm Guards BP
Settler Harness BP
Settler Shin Guards BP (QR 97.7)
Settler Thigh Guards BP

***full set, no fee*** 2
1 Guardian Arm Guards BP
2 Guardian Face Guards BP
3 Guardian Gloves BP
4 Guardian Harness BP
5 Guardian Shin Guards BP
6 Guardian Thigh Guards BP

Pioneer Gloves BP
Pioneer Harness BP
Pioneer Shin Guards BP
Pioneer Thigh Guards BP
Pioneer Face Guards BP (purchased 5.24.2021 @ TT+9.99)

Armor Plating Mk.2B BP

*** full set, no feet *** 3
1 Explorer Arm Guards BP
2 Explorer Face Guard BP
3 Explorer Gloves BP
4 Explorer Harness BP
5 Explorer Shin Guards BP
6 Explorer Thigh Guards BP

*** full set, no feet *** 4
1 Berserker Arm Guards BPP
2 Berserker Face Guards BP
3 Berserker Gloves BP
4 Berserker Harness BP
5 Berserker Shin Guards BP
6 Berserker Thigh Guards BP

*** full set, no feet *** 5
1 Warrior Thigh Guards BP
2 Warrior Shin Guards BP
3 Warrior Arm Guards BP
4 Warrior Face Guards BP
5 Warrior Gloves BP
6 Warrior Harness BP

*** full set, no feet *** ??
1 Dragon Arm Guards BP
2 Dragon Face Guard BP
3 Dragon Gloves BP
4 Dragon Harness BP
5 Dragon Shin Guards BP
6 Dragon Thigh Guards BP

*** full set, no feet *** ??
1 Expedition Arm Guards BP
2 Expedition Gloves BP
3 Expedition Helmet BP
4 Expedition Harness BP (purchased 5.13.21)
5 Expedition Shin Guards BP (purchased 5.13.21)
6 Expedition Thigh Guards BP (purchased 5.26.21 @ tt+9.99)

*** full set, no feet *** ??
1 Trooper Arm Guards BP
2 Trooper Gloves BP
3 Trooper Helmet BP
4 Trooper Thigh Guards BP
5 Trooper Harness BP (just bought 5/11/2021 - overpriced a bit at +24.99)
6 Trooper Shin Guards BP (bught bough 5/11/2021 - overpriced a bit but it completes the set)

Do not have:​

Settler Face Guard BP

Settler Gloves BP (there is an Adjusted L, and improved L variation on auction 5.26.21, may be only type of settler glove bp?)
(there is also a settler foot guard bp that is L as well)

Armor Plating Mk 1A BP
Armor Plating Mk.1B BP
Armor Plating M.1C BP

UL Pioneer Arm Guards BP

Armor Plating Mk.2A BP
Armor Plating Mk 2C BP

Armor Plating Mk.3A BP
Armor Plating Mk.3B BP

Vampire Arm Guards BP
Vampire Face Guards BP
Vampire Gloves BP
Vampire Harness BP
Vampire Shin Guards BP
Vampire Thigh Guards BP

UL Rascal bps: Arm Guards, Face Guard, Gloves, Harness, Shin Guards, Thigh Guards

Armor Plating Mk.4A BP
Armor Plating Mk4B BP
Armor Plating Mk.4C BP

Armor Plating Mk.5A BP
Armor Plating Mk.5B BP
Armor Plating Mk.5C BP
Armor Plating Mk.5D BP
Armor Plating Mk.6A BP

Ul Ghost BPs:
Ul Phatom BPs


*** FULL SET *** 6
1 Bodyguard Face Guard (L) BP
2 Bodyguard Gloves (L) BP
3 Bodyguard Arm Guards (L) BP
4 Bodyguard Shin Guards (L) BP
5 Godyguard Thigh Guards (L) BP
6 Bodyguard Harness (L) BP
7 Bodyguard Foot Guards (L) BP

*** FULL SET *** 7
1 Pioneer Face Guard (L) BP
2 Pioneer Gloves (L) BP
3 Pioneer Arm Guards (L) BP
4 Pioneer Shin Guards (L) BP
5 Pioneer Thigh Guards (L) BP
6 Pioneer Harness (L) BP
7 Pioneer Foot Guards (L) BP

*** FULL SET , no feet**** 11
Renegade Arm Guards BP
Renegade Face Guard BP
Renegade Glvoes BP
Renegade Harness BP
Renegade Shin Guards BP
Renegade Thigh Guards BP (purchased 5/17/2021 at a price that was probably too high, lol)

*** FULL SET *** 8
1 Renegade Face Guard (L) BP
2 Renegade Gloves (L) BP
3 Renegade Arm Guards (L) BP
4 Renegade Shin Guards (L) BP
5 Renegade Thigh Guards (L) BP
6 Renegade Harness (L) BP
7 Renegade Foot Guards (L) BP

Valiant Arm Guards BP
Valiant Face Guard BP
***missing gloves***
Valiant Harness BP
Valiant Shin Guards BP
Valiant Thigh Guards BP

** FULL SET - NO FEET ** 9
1 Vindicator Arm Guards BP
2 Vindicator Face Guard BP
3 Vindicator Gloves BP
4 Vindicator Harness BP
5 Vindicator Shin Guards BP
6 Vindicator Thigh Guards BP

*** FULL SET *** 10
1 Rascal Arm Guards (L) BP
2 Rascal Face Guard (L) BP
3 Rascal Gloves (L) BP
4 Rascal Harness (L) BP
5 Rascal Shin Guards (L) BP
6 Rascal Thigh Guards (L) BP
7 Rascal Foot Guards (L) BP

*** FULL SET - NO FEET *** 11
1 Samurai Arm Guards BP
2 Samurai Face Guard BP
3 Samurai Gloves BP
4 Samurai Harness BP
5 Samurai Shin Guards BP
6 Samurai Thigh Guards BP

*** FULL SET *** 12
1 Zombie Arm Guards (L) BP
2 Zombie Face Guard (L) BP
3 Zombie Gloves (L) BP
4 Zombie Harness (L) BP
5 Zombie Shin Guards (L) BP
6 Zombie Thigh Guards (L) BP
7 Zombie Foot Guards (L) BP

*** FULL SET *** 13
1 Ghost Arm Guards (L) BP
2 Ghost Face Guard (L) BP
3 Ghost Gloves (L) BP
4 Ghost Harness (L) BP
5 Ghost Shin Guards (L) BP
6 Ghost Thigh Guards (L) BP
7 Ghost Foot Guards (L) BP

** FULL SET *** 17
1 Spectre Arm Guards (L) BP
2 Spectre Face Guard (L) BP
3 Spectre Gloves (L) BP
4 Spectre Harness (L) BP
5 Spectre Shin Guards (L) BP
6 Spectre Thigh Guards (L) BP (purchased 6.22.2021 @ tt+39.99 ped price)
7 Spectre Foot (L) BP

Do NOT have:
Armor Plating Mk.1D(L) BP
Armor Plating Mk.2D (L) BP

Valiant Gloves BP

Armor Plating Mk.4D (L) BP

Zombie UL BP Set

Armor Plating Mk.7A (L) BP

Ghoul (UL) Set

Lich (L) Set

Necomancer (L) Set

Reaper (L) Set

Other Planets Armor BPs
Do Have: 14
** FULL SET ** 18
Cheap A$$ (C,) - only colorable set in game I think?

Arkadia: 15
** FULL SET ** 19

Cyrene: 16
A.R.C. Book:
***FULL SET ** 20

Do not have​
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Do Have:
Abrer Laser Sight BP
Alekz Precision Scope BP
E-Amp 11 BP

Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) BP
Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L) BP

Beacin Laser Sight BP
Bjornir Precision Scope BP
E-Amp 12 BlP

Cinclar Precision Scope BP

Castar Laser Sight BP

E-Amp 13 Blueprint
Level 3 Finder Amplifier (L) BP
Level 5 Finder Amplifier (L) BP

Dynera Laser Sight BP
Dacascos Precision Scope BP
E-Amp 14 BP
Level 7 Amplifier (L) BP
Level 4 Amplifier (L) BP

E-Amp 15 Blueprint
Elkar Precision Scope BP

Ecivox Laser Sight BP

Flexur Precision Scope BP

Framur Laser Sight BP

Gargul Laser Sight BP

Grender Precision Scope BP

Hanzor Precision Scope BP

Hunrir Laser Sight BP

Level 9 Finder Amplifier (L) BP
Level 8 Finder Amplifier (L) BP

Ignaritz Laser Sight BP
Ikamar Precision Scope BP

Level 11 Finder Amplifier (L) BP

Level 2 Finer Amplifier (L) BP
Level 1 Finder Amplifier (L) BP
Shear XR40 (L) BP
Bull Tac10 (L) BP
Bull Tac 20 (L) BP

Shear XR50 (L) BP
Level 3 Finder Amplifier Light

Shear XR 70 (L) BP
Bull Tac 40( L) BP
eMine Amplifier 2 (L) BP
eMine Amplifier 1 (L) BP

Level 8 Finder Amplifier (L) BP

Fi/Ra/Co Angst BP

Fi/Ra/Co Beast BP

Fi/Co/Ra Cause BP

Fi/Co/Ra Dante BP

Fi/Ra/Co Evil BP
Jakth Laser Sight BP
Jzar Precision Scope BP

Level 12 Finder Amplifier (L) BP
Level 10 Finder Amplifier (L) BP
Level 13 Finder Amplifier (L) BP


Do have:
Arkadia Attachments:
Headshot 1 BP
Bullseye 1 BP
Bullseye 5 BP
Longreach 1 BP
Longreach 2 BP
Bullseye 6 BP
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Weapon I Book:

Plasma Kyller BP

Shriek Basic BP
Maddox 1 BP
Jashonich MP BP
Jester D-1 BP
Killian Sword BP
ClericDagger 1A BP
Mir-1 BP
Prosecutor M5 (L) BP
Shriek Covert Ops BP
Shriek Street BP
Jashonich AP BP
L/Murdand Groover BP
Killian Sword G2 BP
ClericDagger 1B BP
CliercDagger 1C BP
Mir-2 BP

Plasma Kyller Zwei BP

Shriek Combat BP
Maddox 3 BP
Jester D-3 BP
Mar-Peeker Davidov BP
Killian Longsword BP
Killian Longsword G2 BP
CleridDagger 2A BP
ClericDagger 2B BP
Mux-1 Energyglove BP
Prosecutor H13 (L) BP
Shriek Back Alley BP
Jaschonic FP BP

True Faith BP

Jester D-2 BP
Mar-Spark Davidov BP
Killian Longsword G2 BP
Killian Broadsword BP
ClericDagger 2C BP
ClericDagger 3A BP
Mux-2 BP

Shriek Offensive BP
Karma Killer BP

L/Murdand Styler BP

Mar-Lighter Davidov BP
Killian Broadsword G2 BP
ClericDagger 3B BP
Mez-1 Energyglove BP

Maddox 4 GDC (L) BP

GeoTrek LR47 Urus (L) BP

Force Mace Basher Adjusted (L) BP

Maddox 1 GDC (L) BP
Breer H5a (L) BP
Breer L5c (L) BP
Maddox 2 BP
Dominax Original Viper (L) BP
Dominax Original Mamba (L) BP
Maddox 2 GDC (L) BP
Breer H11a (L) BP
Breer L12c (L) BP
Lichter Carbine BP
Katsuichi Honor BP
Maddox 3 GDC (L) BP
Breer H19a (L) BP
Breer L20 c (L) BP
Starkhov LPR-20 (L) BP
Maddox 4 BP
ClericDagger 3C BP
Katsuichi Valor BP
Ull BP
Heimdall BP
Ice-ir BP
Genuine Design Clone GDC-97 BP
Malc-US Design BP
Katsuichi Pride BP
Force Mase Assail (L) BP
Nano Katana (L) BP
Breer H31 (L) BP
GeoTrek LR34 Aves (L) BP
GeoTrek LP24 Whirlwind (L) BP
Odin BP
UII Justice BP
Hel BP
Freyr BP
Fusil Abrasque BP
Cold-IR BP
Holm BP
Jimman Suite BP
Malc-US Design Rx BP
Rent BP
Force Mace Basher (L) BP
Nano Dai-Katana (L) BP
Montomery Anabolic (L) BP
Thor BP
Odin Eye BP
Hel Death BP
Fusil Charade BP
Genuine Design Clone GDC-117 BP
Jimman Suite Zed BP
Katsuichi BP
Force Mace Clobber (L) BP
Kriegerum GI Gauss Rifle (L) BP
Montgomery Diabolic (L) BP
Svempa X2 (L) BP
GeoTrek LP 47 Twister (L) BP
OmegaTrek P45 (L) BP
Thor Hammer BP
Loki BP
Heimdall Watcher BP
Sturmkarabiner SK-18 BP
Holm Deus BP
Malc-US Rx-2 BP
Kriegerium G-2 Gauss Rifle (L) BP
Loki Traitor BP
Freyr Sun BP
Sturmkarabiner SR-19 BP
Magma Beamer BP
Opportunity BP
Montgomery Anabolic Adjusted BP
GeoTrek h66 Just (L) BP
GeoTrek LR 69 Arachnid (L) BP
GeoTrek LR68 Trauma (L) BP
GeoTrek LR66 Specialist (L) BP
Kriegerium G-2 Gauss Rifle BP
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working on re-arranging a bit. crafted female armor is going to be up here in the apartment. (alpha west, floor 11, apartment f). Sets will be moved from up here to down in the shops per private message request as needed over time. This frees up item slots in the shop for other things daily. This was a bit of an expense, but it works for now.




Guess I'll move the alpha core cards back down to the shop...

Currently in the estates:
AP-12 Burn (L)​
AP-12 Penetration (L)​
AP-12 Penetration (L)​
AP-12 Penetration (L)​
AP-18 Impact (L)​
AP-18 Impact (L)​
AP-18 Impact (L)​
AP-18 Impact (L)​
AP-24 Cold (L) Blueprint (L)​
AP-30 Impact (L)​
AP-30 Impact (L)​
AP-30 Impact (L)​
AP-30 Impact (L)​
AP-30 Impact (L)​
AP-30 Impact (L)​
AP-42 Impact (L)​
Abrer Laser Sight​
Alpha Core Card #1​
Alpha Core Card #1​
Alpha Core Card #10​
Alpha Core Card #12​
Alpha Core Card #12​
Alpha Core Card #15​
Alpha Core Card #16​
Alpha Core Card #17​
Alpha Core Card #18​
Alpha Core Card #18​
Alpha Core Card #19​
Alpha Core Card #19​
Alpha Core Card #19​
Alpha Core Card #2​
Alpha Core Card #20​
Alpha Core Card #22​
Alpha Core Card #24​
Alpha Core Card #25​
Alpha Core Card #27​
Alpha Core Card #28​
Alpha Core Card #30​
Alpha Core Card #30​
Alpha Core Card #30​
Alpha Core Card #5​
Alpha Core Card #5​
Alpha Core Card #5​
Alpha Core Card #6​
Alpha Core Card #6​
Alpha Core Card #8​
Angular Perfection Carpet (C)​
Angular Perfection Carpet (C)​
Angular Perfection Carpet (C)​
ArMatrix L-Amplifier 75B (L)​
Argonaut Cuddly Toy​
Arkadia Underground Deed​
Armax Skull​
Armor Plating Mk. 6A​
Armor Plating Mk. 6A​
Armor Plating Mk. 6A​
Armor Plating Mk. 6A​
Armor Plating Mk. 6A​
Armor Plating Mk. 6A​
Athena Statue Medium​
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint​
Basic Bearings Blueprint​
Basic Coil Blueprint​
Basic Engine Blueprint​
Basic Power System Blueprint​
Basic Processor Blueprint​
Basic Pump Blueprint​
Basic Relay Blueprint​
Basic Rings Blueprint​
Basic Structure Blueprint​
Basic Tube Blueprint​
Basic Wires Blueprint​
Berserker Gloves (F)​
BodyGuard Shin Guards (L) Blueprint​
Bristlehog Pet​
CDF Recognition Award​
Calypso Bone Sample​
Calypso Snowman​
Calypso Star Plant 2019​
Calypso Star Plant, Bright Red​
Ceiling Sphere Lamp​
Charisma Potion Blueprint​
Chikara Ashvin HR1 (L)​
Chikara Ashvin HR1 (L)​
Chirin Dragon Pet​
Christmas Advent Candlestick​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas Garland​
Christmas House 2020​
Christmas Nusul Plushie​
Christmas Nusul Plushie​
Christmas Reindeer​
Christmas Sign 2020​
Christmas Star​
Christmas Tree 2017​
Christmas Tree 2017​
Christmas Tree 2017​
Christmas Tree 2017​
Christmas Tree 2017​
Christmas Vase 2020​
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf​
ClericDagger 1A​
ClericDagger 1A​
ClericDagger 1B​
ClericDagger 1B​
ClericDagger 1C​
ClericDagger 1C​
ClericDagger 2A​
ClericDagger 2B​
ClericDagger 2B​
ClericDagger 2C​
ClericDagger 2C​
ClericDagger 3A​
ClericDagger 3B​
ClericDagger 3B​
Combibo Pet​
Corinthian Kanin Pet​
Cornundacauda Pet​
Creature Control Candy - The Big Pumpkin​
Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 3 (L)​
Daikiba Skull​
Dakhim G2 (L)​
Decorative Column Huge​
Demonic Excavator MK-I (L)​
Demonic Refiner MK-I (L)​
Desire Potion Blueprint​
Disapointment Potion Blueprint​
Discipline Potion Blueprint​
Distinguished Winston Half-Round Table​
Distinguished Winston Round Table​
Do Not Trust Poster​
Do Not Trust Poster​
Do Not Trust Poster​
Do Not Trust Poster​
Dominax Original Cobra​
Drake Head​
E-Amp 11​
E-Amp 11​
E-Amp 12​
E-Amp 13​
EMT Kit Ek-1000​
EMT Kit Ek-2500​
Electric Attack Nanochip 9 (L)​
Eudorian Devil Pet​
Faith Potion Blueprint​
Fanoos Medical V1 (L)​
Feffoid Statue​
Fido Pet​
Finder F-101​
Finder F-102​
Finder F-103​
First Official Christmas Tree​
Foresight Potion Blueprint​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Frosty Snowball​
Gigantium Sign​
Gigantium Sign​
Green Leprechaun Pet​
Grenade Launcher NGL-1​
Grindhouse Sleaze (L)​
Halloween Torch​
Halloween Torch​
Hard Work Potion Blueprint​
Hardened Metal Plating Blueprint​
Hardened Metal Ruds Blueprint​
Hitch-hiker's Towel​
Hojoom H-1 (L)​
Holiday Plaque 2020​
Human Skull​
IFN - Medical Partition​
IFN - Medical Partition​
IFN - Medical Partition​
Isis LLP 6 (L)​
Jashonich AP​
Jashonich MP​
Jester D-1​
Jester D-1​
Jester D-1​
Jester D-2​
Jester D-3​
Jul Star Plant​
Karma Killer​
Killian Broadsword​
Killian Longsword​
Killian Longsword G2​
Killian Longsword G2​
Killian Sword​
Killian Sword G2​
King Kong Snubnose (L)​
L-Quent Side Board (C)​
L-Quent Side Board (C)​
L/Murdand Groover​
Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L)​
Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L)​
Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L)​
Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L)​
Lofven Papoo​
Long Tied Bailey Curtain​
Love Potion Blueprint​
Luck Potion Blueprint​
Lux Accessory Luggage​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Luxurious Fountain​
Maddox 1​
Maddox 3​
Maddox 3​
Mang Chang Pet​
Mann MPH​
Mann MPH​
Mann MPH DLx​
Mann MPH DLx​
Mann MPH DLxE​
Mann MPH DLxEFi​
Mann MPH DLxEGrd​
Mar-Peeker Davidov​
Mars Globe Lamp​
Medium Tied Insignia Curtain (C)​
Mei Hua Quan Pet​
Melee Trauma Amplifier 1​
Merry Mayhem 2010 Participation Diploma​
Merry Mayhem 2011 Top-10 Diploma​
Merry Mayhem 2012 Solo Participation Diploma​
Merry Mayhem 2013 Participation Diploma​
Merry Mayhem 2014 Participation Diploma​
Metal Ruds Blueprint​
Metal Torch​
Metal Torch​
Mining Finder Depth Enhancer 1​
Mining Finder Depth Enhancer 4​
Mining Finder Depth Enhancer 4​
Mir-1 EnergyGlove​
Mir-1 EnergyGlove​
Mir-2 EnergyGlove​
Mir-2 EnergyGlove​
Modern Floor Lamp​
Modo Blue Ground Lamp​
Modo Blue Ground Lamp​
Modo Green Ground Lamp​
Modo Orange Ground Lamp​
Modo Purple Ground Lamp​
Modo Red Ground Lamp​
Modo White Ground Lamp​
Modo White Ground Lamp​
Moon Globe​
Musca Gloves Adjusted (F)​
Mux-1 EnergyGlove​
Mux-2 EnergyGlove​
Nallo Ceiling Lamp (C)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 1 (L)​
Nepotism Potion Blueprint​
Niko Tall Lamp (C)​
Nusul Pet​
Optimism Potion Blueprint​
Opto Sign​
Oratan Trophy​
Ozpyn BPX - P6 (L)​
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)​
Ozpyn LPX - P2 (L)​
Pall Stool (C)​
Pandi Pup Pet​
Paneleon Pet​
Panther Pet​
Personal Storage Terminal (L)​
Plain Shelf​
Plunker Display Shelving (C)​
Polaris Shin Guards (F,L)​
Polish Pirate Flag​
Presidential 2 PED Credit Card​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Pulsar Armour Plate 5 (L)​
Rare Pleak Wing​
Rare Pleak Wing​
Red Heart Fireworks​
RepEdge Battle Axe 2x0​
Resource Extractor RE-101​
Resource Extractor RE-101​
Resource Extractor RE-101​
Resource Extractor RE-103​
Rhino Beetle Pet​
Romanian Pirate Flag​
Rookie Rock Ripper​
Rookie TerraMaster​
Rover Pet​
Rusty Pirates Pistol (L)​
Rutuba Arm Guards (F,L)​
Rutuba Arm Guards (F,L)​
Rutuba Foot Guards (F,L)​
Rutuba Gloves (F,L)​
Rutuba Groin Guard (F,L)​
Rutuba Headpiece (F,L)​
S.I. Combat Knife​
S.I. FlameThrower​
S.I. HK110​
S.I. Psy-Blade​
S.I. Psy-Sword​
S.I. Scorpion​
Samurai Gloves (F)​
Santa Lurker Plush - Blue​
Santa Lurker Plush - Snowflake​
Sentinel Thigh Guards (F,L)​
Short Katu Curtain (C)​
Shriek Back Alley​
Shriek Back Alley​
Shriek Basic​
Shriek Basic​
Shriek Combat​
Shriek Covert Ops​
Shriek Covert Ops​
Shriek Offensive​
Shriek Street​
Shriek Street​
Simple 1 Conductors Blueprint​
Simple 1 Plastic Ruds Blueprint​
Simple 1 Plastic Springs Blueprint​
Simple 2 Conductors Blueprint​
Skeleton Gloves White (F)​
Standard Rod Blueprint​
Stylus 4 Trucker Hat (F,C)​
Tabtab Pet​
Talent Potion Blueprint​
Tears Potion Blueprint​
Tomtebloss, Deluxe​
Tomtebloss, Deluxe​
Tomtebloss, Deluxe​
Tomtebloss, Deluxe​
Tomtebloss, Superior​
Tomtebloss, Superior​
Tomtebloss, Superior​
Tomtebloss, Superior​
Traditional Winston Round Table​
Transformer T-101​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Tron Display Column (D)​
Vigilante Arm Guards, Adjusted (F)​
Vigilante Foot Guards, Adjusted (F)​
Vigilante Gloves, Adjusted (F)​
Vigilante Harness, Adjusted (F)​
Vigilante Helmet, Adjusted (F)​
Vigilante Shin Guards, Adjusted (F)​
Vigilante Thigh Guards, Adjusted (F)​
Vindicator Gloves (F)​
Vindicator Shin Guards (F)​
Visique Sign​
Vixen Android Deed​
Wanted Poster​
Wooden Kitchen Table​
Xlite-W Sign​
Yog Hatchling Pet​
Ziplex Z15 Seeker (L)​
Zombie Charm Bracelets Remix Blueprint​
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The recently crafted attachments will be moved up to the shop before long. If they don't sell after a while they'll be inserted in to guns on the mannequin pads in the apartment til someone sends a private message request asking to buy. Still not sure I'm ready or willing to pay markup for rugaritz etc. So it may be a while before I craft up some of the higher end armor. My crafting level is about 3 notches below what is needed to go the L ghost so I may end up waiting on doing that type of stuff too. I might consider going to Monria to do the dailies but we'll see.

I'm missing a bp for one of the main components needed to craft Level 6 and up Amplifiers for mining so that's why the level 6 bp is now for sale in the shop. If I acquire the component bp it may stop being for sale, so go get it while you can before that happens. :)

I'll probably start weeding out bp collection a bit more in the new few months to focus on what I really want to focus on. Sadly, most crafted goods don't have a lot of demand, so it's a bit of an awkward type of situation in trying to figure out what to actually stock in the shop. Most recent sales have been things that are not crafted that were just rare items... like cyrene ul tt gear, etc. Too bad that stuff is hard to find, lol. I guess I may start a buy/sell service for old tt stuff, but it's a very niche market and supply is low so we'll see.

I'm very surprised rutuba and impact plates haven't been selling much since I marked em up at a decent price. Heck, most items in the shop are at decent prices. I just bought another alpha core card and another is in bid on auction. I suppose I may continue buying those. Base prices are tt+10 per star as more stars are suppossed to be higher rarity. For the dupes in shop for each of the cards the second one is +5 above that and third is +5 above that, etc. Reason for that is my assumption that is if I have multiples it's not in stock somewhere else if it's in my avatar's inventory or shop. If I bid more than tt+10 per star that will be reflected in pricing as well. However, I don't plan to go too much above that too often. At one time I thought about buying the full set, and that was my initial goal but that's no longer really a goal so now I just store em for whoever actually does make that a goal so they can get em all in the shop instead of bidding on auctions and getting overbid all the time.
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Working through the monura challenge is like throwing butter on bread. Went up 3 or so ranks just last night. Burned through most of a pistol from the freebie on next island. Now working with chon to do the rest. I've come to like the chon for low hp mobs since its a pistol won't have to run far to loot the mob. With bukins or webshop guns you range is a bit higher so you have to do a lot more running which is annoying for low hp mob that you kill in 3 shots or less.
taxes suck, but for some mobs they are worth it...