FYI: Mayhem Events Update

But if they explained their logic and reasons for the moves {...} maybe the player base would become several times of what it is
I dont know.. They got us pretty hooked on it. I have a love hate situation with that kind of policy.
As a gamer, I find it annoying
As far as viability in a RCE type game, I sadly think it's a good choice

Why secrecy help ? That is the question for sure

It give a fair chance to those who have less free times to find out about new stuff before it's truly gone.
It prevent players from planning, hours, day, week or even months ahead to plan how to run off with the new content and hostage it for overpriced MU
It give one of the rare sense of purpose in this game to find all the things we wish they told us
I believe that it prevent the worst of the worst kind of game. With too much content packed together, people do like the games that function on this level.
In fact it's one of the design behind Path Of Exile Free to Play Pay for all the extra storage needed for the WAY too much loot they keep adding over and over.
To explain and for those unfamiliar with that game I no longer play. Path of exile has 4 leagues(fresh start for everyone) in a year. For the first 1-6 weeks people are thrilled about the content they discussed over nearly a month before jumping in. Everyone jump in, rush like crazy, no one sleep, everyone give priority Character > Human and population drop by 20-50% after 3-5 days. 1 month later ? It's ghost town unless it was a popular content.

Now as far as Entropia, I know that some people already grind way more $$$ value than logic dictate. (think about it, some lose months of 3rd world country meals in hours or even minutes with big crafts). I sure would be on the cautious side if I was MA. If there 1 think I know, marketing know, MA know and most likely MOST of you all know it without applying it to game is simple. While everyone has a different number, everyone has a personal spending average. From a gamer perspective to a economical standpoint, there is no reason to burnout the players. If someone burn out. They will leave a while and may end up spending that extra $ not spent into EU somewhere else. Burning people of a game is what EA and others do to make sure you quit and buy their next game.

So I hate it... But I love it.