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Oct 24, 2013
Medusa Bazaar floor2, shop3
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Gaina "Messi91" Cristi

Here is a list with some items I am currently selling

Perfected gorgon armor set (M) all tier 3.99 - 150k. - Can be rented
Argonaut Claws, Great, FEN Edition TIER 8.80 + Melee Trauma Amplifier 8 COMBO
Genesis Power Claw Mk. 6, FEN Edition tier 6 + [Melee Trauma Amplifier 6, Improved] COMBO
Easter Strongboxes - msg for price.
Christmas Strongboxes -msg for price.
Halloween Strongboxes msg for price.



[Chronicle Thigh Guards, TEN Edition (F)] +18k (165 close protection vs 166 perfected gorgon which makes it 2nd best close combat armor ingame)
500 executed contracts needed for RDI backpack -50k (only 2 Improved RDI ingame, 1 M / 1 F and another regular) Upgradable premium backpacks, improved is last version and expected more to come.I don't sell any number under 500, is either all backpack or no contracts.

[TWEN Protector of the Empire Foot Guards (F)] exchange vs any M part preferable foot or shins.


Completed Modified Shadow Armor set - SOLD

Tezlapod pet, level 1 +3500

[Imperial HAZEN Helm (F)]
-->Swap done, thanks

[Eir Mk 3 (L)] - 250% - high class new introduced Next Island fap ( 1% crit and 15% crit dmg for 8 seconds) level 65 req, 70 to max.

Terra Amp 6 (L) Blueprint SOLD
Terra Amp 8 (L) Blueprint SOLD
Terra Amp 9 (L) Blueprint SOLD
Terra Amp 10 (L) Blueprint SOLD

Scimitar of the Mages, TWEN Edition - SOLD

[DOA Mayhem Foeripper, Augmented] tier 7.xx SOLD
[Angel Gloves, Improved (M)] -8k SOLD
[Shadow Gloves, Modified (M)] +25k SOLD
Marganah Tincture x 33 required for Salafa Laser Sight MK 3 (L) SOLD
Zenbaq Tincture x 15 required for Salafa Laser Sight MK 1 (L) SOLD
[Genesis ArcSpark] tier 0 SOLD

Mayhem Trauma Amplifier 4 - 25k SOLD
Fi/Ra/Co Evil, Modified tt+3900 SOLD
[Shadow Harness, Modified (F)] - Exchange Done !
[Shadow Arm Guards, Modified (M)] - exchange DONE.mass thanks.
Regeneration Chip 11 +7000 SOLD
[Electric Attack Nanochip 9] tier 8.40 +5000 SOLD
[Titan Shin Guards (M)] +12k SOLD
[Electric Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition] tier 3.99 +NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VII FEN Edition (combo set) +45k SOLD

Easter 2017 - 26k SOLD
Christmas Ring 2018 Withdrawn from sale
BP-130 or BP-110 Improved - 95k SOLD
Restoration Chip, Improved - 17500 SOLD
Halloween ring 2016 - 14500 SOLD
Improved Fast Aid Pack FEN Edition tier 0 (heals 130/130 cost 2.2 pec & Huge skill gain) SOLD
Castorian Combat Mace Mk.VI FEN Edition - SOLD
[Electric Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition] 25k SOLD BOTH
Trauma X FEN (48dmg/85eff) - 22k SOLD
NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VII FEN Edition(40 dmg/85 eff) - 20k SOLD
Mod trauma VIII (36dmg/85eff)- 15k SOLD
Skildek Negator Fen Edition - 10k SOLD
[EWE LC-625 Gleamer] 20k SOLD
Halloween ring 2018 - 30k -SOLD
[Genesis Star Excavator, Improved] -8500 SOLD
BC 80 Augmented Sold
Vampiric Cloak of Vitality (M) (12 hp cloak) +12k SOLD
Genesis Star Excavator, Modified +10k SOLD
Titan Helm M - fresh loot tier 0.0 + 11500 SOLD
Hero's Sword tier 4.99 +1350 SOLD

Any of those skills (ABOVE 60TT) MY ESIS.




-I am not responsible for any misrepresentation in the item stats for wiki.Everyone is responsible to conduct their own investigation and do proper tests for each item.Use wiki as a guidance/referrence not as absolute true value or truth.

*items of interest just peds.

*all items listed can be rented as long as you can provide collateral.

Any offtopic messages on this thread will be reported.
Any offers should be sent through pm(recommended) or ingame.

I'll add more slowly over time.
Pm if you have any questions.
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