Mining Map FAQ's


Mining Maps

Sep 2, 2008
Below are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mining Maps available at Entropia Outfitters.

What do the Mining Maps provide?
The PDF package contains mining maps, coordinates, analysis, depth charts, mineral distribution and more! The data is from real mining trips for a specific area and analysis to go with it. They provide an understanding what type of ores and enmatter will likely be found, at what depth, and most importantly they show generally where the veins are and what direction they travel.​

What is a vein?
A vein is a series of mines which are approximately evenly spaced and are generally aligned in a single direction. It is beneficial to a miner as the location of the next mine is fairly predictable. The size of the mine is not predictable however.​

Do veins move?
Veins respawn in the same general direction but shift a little to the side. Imagine a vein which travels North to South. When it respawns it will continue to align North to South, but will shift a little to the East or maybe a little to the West.​

Why not have a thousand points on the mining maps?
Vein’s shift slightly every time they respawn, if all those were plotted over time the map would be filled and it would be difficult to see the vein.​

What process is used to develop the mining maps?
Although the map areas are mined many of times before making a map, the final analysis is from a single mining run. This highlights the direction of the vein and types of typical mines. This is advantageous as it provides clarity of the vein direction.​

Why not provide the size of the mines?
The sizes of mines are unpredictable. It would be misleading to post them as it may set an unrealistic expectation.​

Why are their sometimes gaps in the veins?
If other miners come across the vein, they may take one or more of the mines before you get there.​

How far do veins go?
Veins have varying lengths. Some miners believe veins stop then restart further ahead and go the distance of the continent. Nobody but MindArk knows for sure.​

Will maps be provided for Land Areas?
Sure. If the land owner wants a map and there is enough interest, I don’t see why not. It would benefit both the land owners and prospective miners.​

How do I request a map of my favorite area?
IM me within Entropia Forum​

What happens to the veins after a new VU?
Only MindArk, the developers of Entropia Universe, truly knows. But over the last few years I have only noticed the structure of veins changing twice. They may change again with the introduction of the new graphics engine expected in 2009. But only MindArk knows for sure.​

Am I guaranteed to make PED by using these maps?
There is no guarantee included. Many factors play into mining in Entropia Universe. The actions of other players, game updates, design changes, and random luck all can impact the success of a mining run. Take this as real information of actual mining runs which were successful and repeated many times.​