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May 22, 2009
The Ministry
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Jennson Laudi Marakomm
I almost forgot and missed it: I am more than five years in EU. I started my EU life end of March 2009, so actually i missed my anniversary. And much happened during that time in EU and in rl as well. As this is not an rl forum, but an EU forum i will keep it related to EU.

The first months when i started in EU i lost way more than i was willing to spend in a computer game, so i was about to quit when a discussion on the forum began what you can achieve by a monthly 15$ deposit budget. As i was about to quit and merely disappointed i joined the 15$ Experiment back then. Quite a few might remember that time:

It was my first log and i learned a lot about EU, and i had a great mentor. Although the total outcome of the experiment was disappointing as a total ( 1 kept playing, 1 scammer and 4 stopped before they began ) for me personally it was a success.

Most of the time i kept the habbit to track my returns which saved me from losing more than i wanted to lose and i kept playing. Although rl kept me busy more and more i managed to keep playing although more on a casual base.

I saw many of the good as well as some of the bad in this time, my overall stats are not impressive, roughly 150k skills collected in that time in hunting and mining ( mostly hunting though) and most the time small mobs where i could maintain countinous playing without running out of peds whatever i decided to buy in EU.

I aquired a lot of nice stuff ( well for my level of gameplay at least lol ), i never would have imagined to own when i started.
I even learned things for life, like questioning my financial decisions more wisely before doing anything, which helped a lot in real life as well.

The best thing here is the people i met. Especially in my soc, but of course a lot of people outside also.

I would never have imagined i would stay that long and play a computer game for such a long time.

I want to thank you folks, because without a great bunch of fellow players Entropia would never have been such a blast and it is not the game, but the crowd it attracts which makes it a blast to be here among you.

I stopped to count how often i saw the sky falling and i am pretty sure i won't count all the other future skyfalls.

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Dec 17, 2011
Swedish rangers
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Mr raxxor Swedir
Congratz :) I hope you'll still be herr in another 5 years!