Selling: Morey's Sales Thread - Next Island Booth, Pane Spec Armor (M), Ascension Armor (M), Mk1 Scope 1% crit.


Apr 6, 2013
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Aurisk Morey Kenbi
Hi all, selling these items :)

PEDS is preferred, but I can accept some items as well.

Items of interest:
TWEN Token
Fun PK weapons / rockets,
Damage Enhancer BP 10
Shadow or above armors
TWEN tokens

Crystal Peaks Stall #8 - Regular Sales & Good Free passive traffic.
Booth, 70IP
/wp [Next Island, 136791, 83482, 113, Crystal Peaks Stall 8]
BO: 22k

Paneleon Spec Imperium SET (M) T0-1 - Awesome for migration Longtooth & Eomon
50 Impact, 25 Burn, 17 Cut.
BO: 10k

Ascension Armor Set (M) T4-6 -
Skilling is awesome.
10% skill boost blade/laser/blp
BO: 6.5k

Mk 1 Scope - 1% Crit scope
BO: 25k
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NeoPsion 7, archon's Added.
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bump it up! jarhead sold.
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BO reduced on Neo Amp 7. Get that hot amp for your MF.
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Archon T5 SOLD
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to the top! Prices updated.
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I dont know why that a204 sga cant be upgraded, thats such a - for the owners. Free bump
to the top! some prices reduced, some items no longer available.