My Military Career, War !


Jan 15, 2015
Naval Station Triton
The Society
Avatar Name
Louise Ranavolana Brooks
I have joined the IFN and am rising rapidly through its ranks. It is considered that I embody everything the IFN stands for.

But there was that irritatingly politically correct IFN psychologist who had another opinion, he questioned my sanity!. He had prepared a confidential report on me & was in the process of forwarding it to IFN High Command.
But would you believe it, evidence pointed to a roving gang of Orotans that somehow burst into his office, battered him to a bloody pulp and burnt his notes.
Mack Hackett was his name and the terror in his weasely little eyes was just too funny to se-- Anyways moving quickly along

It was obvious that the IFN (and Arkadia) need people like me to protect them from such depredations.

I am presently on a mission to remove Orotans from an area. I silently come across a group of prospectors, looks like they are taking their morning bat soup break, gossiping and just chillin.

“Hai guys” I say, “Do you want to party?” the terror and panic in their eyes I find exciting in a strange dark way. Missus pleeze they beg, but seeing there is nowhere they can escape to no mercy they can expect, they grab their picks and dash at me. Gosh their reflexes are fast.

Here they come right into range. Bank Bang, Shoot Shoot.

Indeed happiness is a warm gun. I am progressing quickly through the IFN ranks – obviously people of my calibre are needed.

War!! Hostilities have broken out. The enemy? The creatures of Arkadia, not just the Orotans who have never stopped resisting our might, but all the creatures here, all banded together. Against us!

No declaration of war has been announced, there is no correspondence between the warring sides nevertheless we are fighting, and much as I hate to admit it, we are losing.

Of course, there is none who can equal us for disciplined aggression & savagery but the odds are against us now. There are so few of us, so many of them

If you look for historical examples – there was the Axis forces in 1944. I hate to admit it, but we are in that position now.

Many citizens here refuse to believe the true situation. Its all down to mysterious outbreaks caused by viruses or suchlike, Global Warming, continuing Orotan nastiness etc.

Our propaganda machine has not helped here. Much talk of reclaiming, of Orotan defeats and suchlike. People cannot understand and ask they why have things changed? They feel safe with the great hulking shapes of our spaceships over our bases. But these wont stop us losing - they will just stop the Orotans winning.

We have never made any attempt to deal with the creatures (that’s what we refer to them as, or as mobs), they had tried to contact us – we just did not listen. Looks like they have now decided to talk to us in the only language we understand.

Why should those cranky Haradaras like us? We chopped down their ancient “Tree of Souls” the very cornerstone of their existence – and put a quarry there.

The ancient and sacred places of Arkadian dreaming, where all creatures could come together in love and harmony. Well we have named these places “Event Areas” and flock to them for easy kills.

You see parties of drunken humans zooming around, Yee Haring, weapons set to full automatic, seeing who could get the highest kill count in the shortest time. Here is a picture of me doing that very thing. Are the creatures there attacking me, or beseeching me?

It does sound like I am being a Social Justice Warrior for Arkadia. Not really, my aims are different.

My ire is directed against the Society here. Where are the Land Grants that hopeful idealistic settlers (like that sad naive original me) came looking for. Looking for a peaceful happy prosperous life? There does not seem to be any. Yet there are Land Grants available – to rich well connected individuals. And what do they do with them, well hunting preserves for rich powerful people – and the creatures there, genetically mutated to make dangerous intelligent aggressive creatures even more so (now that may well come back to bite us – lol a pun, I still have the capacity for humour then). Made more so for some benefit for rich powerful people.

Now these movers & shakers want everybody to sacrifice themselves to preserve this whole rotten system.

Why, sure, count on my help – for a price. What I want & you are prepared to pay may well be different, like you will have much of a choice when the time comes.

Have you noticed that the creatures we are fighting are equipped with armour & weapons – maybe better than our forces possess.

They did not make these weapons, they are of human construction. Some looted of course, but most purchased from us by such lovely examples of sub humanity like Smugglers and of course Pirates. Nobody seemed to wonder why Orotans went to such trouble to mine ores that they had no use for, but we found valuable.