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Aug 20, 2007
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joris jojo pogn
I’m killing mostly 10 hp mobs and thus getting more kill skill bonus.

I also think the azuro costs under the minimum amount for skill returns, so it rounds up.

let’s say you shoot 4 ped per shot, (making this number up) you get 40 pec in skill per shot

At 1 ped you get 10 pec
At 10 pec you get 1 pec of skill per shot
At 1 pec you still get 1 pec of per skill shot due to rounding

The numbers above are random and made simply as an example to demonstrate my theory.

I agree about skill per kill bonus this is true

but some item give more skill than other a Mod fap SGA give insane amount of skills compared to the Mod fap, i talk alot with Triffle about it when she got one, her skill grow ways faster with it.

This could explain the rare token needed to pull the gun


Nov 14, 2014
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Ricardo Ricky Laginha
my personal and boring experience was
(about 8/9k kills)
659TT out
616TT in
32.17TT gears (included in TT in)

~420% that i sold those 32.17 gave 135Ped

616+102=718total in

59 Ped profit... not sure if its worth it for the time lol
I know its a small amount of kills but yeah it looks profitable..


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Jan 2, 2017
it was ironic i am sure, he is saying "i own a 150.000 ped setup and i should kill puny?
the ironic answer could be

well Naika, you would recoup some of the losses that you make killing bigger ones :p
Back in Times out of such a stupid idea i figuret out how to tt profit, like 2 month later they fixed it 🤣 and i Was like : damn it ! I culd have known earlyer haha


Jul 20, 2010
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Ionut SpeakingClouds Mihai
I have been hunting vixens for a couple of months with my [Sollomate Mayhem Azuro, Adjusted] as suggested by others in the forum.

So far here are my results according to Entropia Tally.

Total loot 14421.44 PED
Total spent 15300.07 PED
Returns 94.26 %
3% average Vixen Gears = 1704 MU from gears = 825 PED profit from just gears (I sell the gears often and don't really keep track, but this is an underestimate at 3%, the loot ratio is given to me by the tracker)

Kill count / Loot Events​


I started around level 5 laser sniper and am now level 43 hit and 39 dmg, I went from level 1 animal looter to level 19 so far.

I am on stage 4 of the color of envy, with 72000 / 102400 kills and hope to finish the final stage before moving off of vixens.

Also I can sell a lot of the other loot for 110% to my society leader and loot other high mu items often.

I have also been doing the AI mission while I am here, and have 28 [Presidential Pay Stub] out of the 260 required.

Did you know? When you have 260 [Presidential Pay Stub] you can refine them in a standard refiner for 5200 rockbucks total! (20 each certificate) That is an additional 52 ped of free loot that can sell at an easy 500% mu for an additional 260 PED at the end of the year, funny how that works out.
This is amazing data congratz for the patience and dedication, as long as you get good skills for it, it worths.There is a big BUT to it that also worths mentioning since you could get at least double the money/h grinding other things and depositing only half of the money in Entropia afterwards.Why?Because the possibility to get amp's and especially rings could be game changing.Then again I can't blame grinding in entropia can be soothing, I did grind like 500000 wolves few years back then I noticed how big the swings could be when for almost 100k wolves there was not even 1 global.So yeah there are always other things to learn as well.
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