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Jul 26, 2006

Nanocube Changes​

In an upcoming Version Update several changes are being made to Nanocubes, outlined below.

  • Nanocubes can no longer be purchased directly from the Trade Terminal.
  • Nanocubes are now obtained by using the new Recycle tab in the Trade Terminal interface.
  • Most items and resources can be recycled into Nanocubes, with a few exceptions: items sold at the Trade Terminal, non-tradeable items, and Shrapnel.
  • Recycled items generate a stack of Nanocubes with a value equivalent to the item’s Trade Terminal value.
  • Nanocubes can now be listed at auction.

These changes should result in a more healthy and interdependent economy, which will benefit hunters, miners, and crafters alike.


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Not really sure what this will end up doing, as it'll convert one very abundant resource into another, which means the latter will be just as abundant. I guess it'll depend on how much crafters cycle vesus hunters... :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
If the recent Calypso Land Deed conversion experience was any guide, then this will happen in the next 30 minutes, so you better hurry if you want to buy some Nanocubes from TT before they are removed!!

Good move to get all your hoarders to sell your storage so we can finally get items back into loot and get that MU back.

TT Return 93%
MU Return 302%
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yeah I dunno. but it sure is exciting!
This is a good change, it gives everything Kind of a base mu value now.

More importantly. Recycling low mu resources in the future could be expanded on. Very good thing and glad they made a system in place for this to work.

MA is slowly doing some good things and it's exciting me. I do wish they gave us warnings a little bit sooner than a couple of days, but progress is progress.
Thank you MA for listening

all PPL point to EP craft.. but also Gizmo crafting use Nano, and Armatrix, so now also weapons and BP's Fishing are linked to economy
I love this, it is great for me. I have always skilled rocket launchers. I only craft EP's to use them so this works great for me. I can use animal oil residue to convert directly into nanocubes. TY MA - great change
Thoughts on this being accompanied by an UL tech gizmo recycle blueprint added to the technician?

All oil with markup and a degenerate crafting paradise.
Well holy shit - that's interesting. Next please let's have an interface to drain TT value of items!

Got a number of items I can't sell or where TTing is not a viable option but would like to be able to extract the TT value off of - even if it's not a 1:1 exchange. IE armor - would be nice to just drain the TT value off if it in a couple clicks rather than having to go stand there getting the crap beat out of you by mobs which you run to the turret for 75% of the value for hours.
Oh, also, I assume MA already took care of this but make sure to not include ped as an option for what you can recycle :D
LOL that's a total MA blunder right there that would be 100% possible