Ocean Oil Platform (Oil Rig 2) :)

OMG ive been there, its soo cool, i hope its put on auction :eek:
How did you find this?
That's realy awesome. And it's not PVP and there is OIL!. Now there is only 3 persons :eek: .

BTW thanks McCormick for info and EPS too ;)
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i just wana say WOW

i died twice trying to TP there...Ripper snappers old Alpha everywhere!

make sure you go FAR west and south and swim in from the back otherwise you will just die trying!
Does it put out?

McCormick said:
I dont think MA would make big losses with it :p We need this !

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

Does it put out?
Crosis said:
Does it put out?

Innuendo just a lil bit (sry off topic lol)

Thats pretty badass....I wonder how MA could implement this :confused:
I have only ever tried to get there once... there appears to be some kind of large sea monster which circles the Ocean Rig .. it's movements are very swift... :(

It did 376 damage to me through Vigi :rolleyes:

I cant remember the name of it now... Pishanonsens or something like that.

Guys... can any of you remember it's name?

Yes that rig puts out alot... you're looking at roughly 200 - 300 oil every 2 minutes. I think it's so high because it's such a difficult place to get to and survive.

Even the ubers get killed going there :confused:
Nice that so many pople take part in this action :saint:

Sorry for the link MindBuster, I was in a hurry ;)
Where do you end up if you die? at this plattform or back in twins/scyllla ?
Sadly its a fake ! Grrrrrr :mad:
But how many people swam out there? :laugh: :tongue2:
I wrote :

I dont think MA would make big losses with it :p We need this !
Me and a whole bunch of peepz more :laugh:

Still lmao here :dunce:
[br]Click to enlarge[/br]
Didn't you know. It's the Bermuda Triangle out there.

The Oil Rig only appears at certain times of the day and when certain celestial events happen. ;)
Numa revealed the ultimate secret now!


Nicely edited picture anyhow ;)
Too bad its fake, would have been awesome :)!
Thank goodness I read the whole thread before heading out there. I think I would have been pretty peeved if I'd spent that next 2 hours looking for a non-exsistant rig. :rolleyes:

However, I think it would be pretty cool. Put it on the wish list? :)
Akoz said:
Nicely edited picture anyhow ;)

Actually, after going back and looking at it, YES! It's very impressive! In fact, it's almost hard to believe it's a fake. Nicely done.

I should have been tipped off that it was a fake by looking at the equipped item. :laugh: Will that be for the people who work on the rig?
hum i loged in to xek if it was true... and teleported rigth on top of this... i was like...


[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

LOTS of stuff there... alrge carpets.. plants.. and so on so on so on.. me and some other pips had fun piking it up.-
Did you just dismantle someone's house ??! :eek:
I do beleive that was the house PS was building for the competition for supremacy armor...You found it tho, holy shit...I saw PS saying in twin that it was well hidden, but damn, on the ocean floor, lol, gratz for finding it!!!
WAIT! I feel it...do you feel it? Anger...seething anger. Someone's going to be highly p!$$ed soon... :laugh:

However..it might be kind of you to give it back, if it IS his house. That stuff can be worth quite a it of money. :wise:
LOOOOOOL Infusion :D :laugh: cool!

Do u have the coordinates for that "thingy" ? WOuld be interesting if it was close to the Ocean Oil Platform... holy sh*t... :cowboy:
Its a sign from the MA gods, InF! Now you CANT quit!!!! LMAO!!!!

Gratz and rep!!! :laugh:
blimey infusion - lucky guy lol!

Luckily for Porn Star the competition has allready closed so you didn't void her from it.

still pretty cool - how much was the whole lot worth in total?