Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #1

Jul 7, 2012
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Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #1


Hello, welcome to my shops thread, I hope to see you in my shop soon :). A variety of items can usually be found here. The selection changes frequently so check back often. Make sure to ask if you don't see something that you want, it may be available but not displayed in the store for what ever reason. There are also items for sale outside of the building in the display window facing the service station. Please also make sure to check out the equally awesome selection of items available down the hall @ The Habitat Bargain Bin! & Booth 1. All prices are negotiable! More information about the shop can be found here


I hope you find something you like :tiphat:
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The shop has been restocked with some goodies! Some of the new additions are

[Ghost Face Mask (M)]

[NeoPsion 100 Mindforce Implant]

[NeoPsion 85 Mindforce Implant]

[M-Ray 1000 Laser Pistol]

[S.G Takeover Mk1 (L)]

And various other items. Come check it out :)
The shop has been restocked :) . I mostly put in a mix of weapons, armor, and MF chips :handgun: . Stop by Omegaton and gear up!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!! :beerchug: :yay:

Special Holiday item sale!​

The shop has been stocked up on holiday goods. Make sure your in style for these special celebrations and stop by for some accessories.

We have the following listed below, and in (M) and (F) varieties.​

  • Jolly Christmas Mittens (Various Colors)
  • Jolly Christmas Hats (Various Colors)
  • Holiday Coats
  • Holiday Hats
  • Elf Caps


Have a great celebration and stay warm :wtg:
B.U.M.P :xredface:

All "Jolly Christmas Mittens (Various Colors)", are temporarily sold out!

Come by while supplies last, still some goodies to celebrate with :beerchug:

Items are getting rotated out in a few days. Final chance until Christmas 2020, for some winter holiday themed goodies! :hug:
Merry Christmas!!! :xmas: and a happy New Year!!! :dj:

The 2020 Holiday Sale is here.

Stop by and stock up on your celebratory accessories. We have colored Santa hats, elf hats, holiday hats, holiday coats, mittens, fireworks, and more. Get into the holiday spirit and have some fun.

Stay safe everyone, and best wishes for 2021 :xwink: .
Brand new items are now stocked in the shop! Some of the new items include

MF Chips
MF Implants
Melee Weapons
Ranged Weapons
and more!

Stop by and check it out :tiphat: