Info: Ongoing & Updated Prizes thread for Mutation Station - Arkadia Planet


Mar 18, 2023
The Land Area Mutation Station is on Arkadia Planet -

Waypoint for Teleport = /WP [Arkadia, 9744, 9765, 159, Waypoint]

MINING TAX = 1.99%

  • The table below will show you the current prizes on offer (I will CONTINUALLY add to the table and strike through any prizes that have been claimed).
  • If you think you can claim a prize please reach me via DM on CalyForums or join my discord channel shown in my signature and send me a msg.
  • Any globals/hofs must be attained on Mutation Station and be verifiable on EntropiaLife AND I do ask that you post your globals/hofs in this thread for them to qualify for a prize and too to help with the ongoing promotion to attract players to take a look at what's going on and why it's worth visiting Mutation Station on Arkadia Planet.​
  • Prize availability starts after the first posting of this thread (10th May 2013 approx 20:30 EU time) or any specific timing specified in the prize table below
  • My decision and ruling on prizes are final and I will always be fair (see my previous events for Mutation Station)
  • To keep it exciting I will chase Single Highest Loot on occasion
  • I reserve the right to amend the table of prizes, rules as I see fit.
  • Any prizes must be collected within 1 month from end of event otherwise prize will be recycled into other events.
PrizeRequirementNumber AvailableClaimedPlayerComments
Electric Attack Nanochip 7!

As the second grand prize up for grabs is the Electric Attack Nanochip 7!

Single Highest Loot from after 7th June 00:00 Entropia Universe time until 7th August 23:59 Entropia universe time.
Current leader with a global of
1205 PEDS!



A service station with terminals Trade , Storage, Repair & Revive can be found in the lower region near the Land Marker [Arkadia, 9350, 8984, 100, Waypoint]
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Does that mean no more a-3 justi?
Does that mean no more a-3 justi?
That event is still running! I can't change the heading of that thread to Ongoing Events so started this one.

The Event for the A3 Justifier MK2, Adjusted Tier 6 ends on 6th June 23:59 EU Time and I will declare any winner in that thread.
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just checking in as a miner, the shl is for both professions right?. Also some rewards for mining specifically would be appreciated😉
just checking in as a miner, the shl is for both professions right?. Also some rewards for mining specifically would be appreciated😉
CORRECT SHL is applicable to Miners AND Hunters. If I see some decent mining activity going on there for sure I will add some decent prizes for miners! Table comments updated with details on whether it's a Miner & Hunter applicable or just Hunter.
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Thanks for all the messages :p

Please remember to post your globals - the more people visiting MS the more prizes I can add. TYVM! :handgun:
An incredible infomercial created for Mutation Station!

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The player who hit the 378 PED global/hof on Mutation Station should post the screenshot here to qualify and register for a prize.... you would currently be in-line for 1,000 PEDs!
We have a potential new leader for the 1,000 PED prize!

A worthy 385 PED on a Mutated Kamaldon Young. Please post your globals to qualify and help with my promotion or ask me to verify on EL with a post in this thread. If you don’t post your global or post a msg here I’m likely to award the prize to someone else who has followed the rules.

Hit three 115+ globals in about an hour and a half today, does this do it for a Quad-Wing prize? :clap:

It qualifies so I’ll either give you a Quad Wing or 45 PED at my discretion! I hope to be online in 3-5 hours and will see if you’re around to hand over the prize! If not it will be safe in storage until I see you online! Thanks for your continued support! So there are 2/3 of these prizes left! Get globalling people - prizes can be won!
Amazing!!! Empty Skill Implants now being looted on Mob on Mutation Station!!!!
After seeing the ESI loot I thought I'd give it ago and this happened.... I'm now leading the 1,000 PED prize and continue to lead the A3 Justifier, MK2, Adjusted prize... obviously if I win I'll think of a way of rewarding existing participants / recycling into more prizes!

Gratz! That might be hard to beat, you seem to have the golden touch out there. :woot: Thanks for the quick payout on the Quad prize!! -Ost