please fix autoloot buff stacking

Jul 9, 2007
Titans of Space
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John Black Knight
Most players usually use one way of autoloot be it pill,item or pet which do come in various range, however like with all buffs the autoloot buff icon does show the categories Strength,Item, Action, Total were it differs is that its missing a maximum cap in the icon.
After some testing i can say that the maximum total that can be achieved in the buff icon is as follows:
25m(left hand ring) + 25m (right hand ring) + 50m (augmented loot pill) + 45m (pet) = 145m (total)
The Strength effect listed however will always just be the one of the strongest single effect eg. 50m in the above example.
While it seems to be obvious that a 145m lootrange could be abit much as it would create a mobile sphere around a player of 290m diameter and potentially could create extensive lag depending on how loot checks are implemented, there should be multiple way to reach max range, eg. if there is already a pill that gives 50m then why should 2 rings giving 25m each not be able to give the same ?
Why should it not be possible to stack a 32m pet and a 25m ring to reach atleast 50m if thats the intended max
or whichever the intended max range is supposed to be.

Please also consider that while a looting range planetside of 50m might be considered fully sufficient when it comes to space its wholly inadequate as it forces ships to line up a number of mobs to shoot in looting range before it makes sense killing them otherwise the slow privateers and motherships would have to zigzag accross 3d space to loot separate mobs for separate gunners.
The later was my main motivation to obtain 2 lootrings(left and right hand) and do the tests hoping i would be able to achieve 80-100m looting range in space so my gunners could loot at shooting range of 90m and we could stop the whole collect/line up/shoot circle and just hunt like normal people do planetside.
So maybe since there is is no longer a manual way of looting in space, please consider that autoloot buff is mandatory to loot in space and allow extended stacking - the max cap(range) does not need to be the same as planetside.

For comparision i have attached a picture of several buffs and there respective stacking and included autoloot to show up the difference.

Please also consider that with the recent influx of autoloot pets (arkmoon/potentially toulan) there will be alot more players using autoloot and a number of them might try to stack them to loot at their respective guns shooting range and speed up their killrate/cycling.