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Jan 15, 2015
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Louise Ranavolana Brooks
EU is the first MMORPG game I have ever played, though I have played others – I started this journey when still at school. I was invited to join in the LAN games played by my brother & his mates. But all they really wanted was a sort of moving target, fun for them to kill & terrorise without much risk. I remember Doom, I spent most of the time being continually shot & reviving (maybe memories of this is why I do not like PvP even though I should).

However, there was one game I did enjoy; Red Alert – I got a real kick out of playing the part of the Russians and I played them very well – to the stage bro & mates got sick of me. The game pitted low tech Russia & allies against high tech Western forces. Russians had the advantage at the beginning but the allies, as they got their technology established, had the increasing advantages as the game progressed, the end was an inevitable Russian defeat.

The aim for Russia then was to strike quickly & early, forget building tech, get the tanks up and running, quickly quickly & fling them at my enemies bases – if not wiping them out completely, then crippling their ability to establish & giving me time to be able to do it later. They got sick of me doing to them what they had so much fun doing to me.

No problem, I “graduated” to playing random players on the internet – and there was the World Domination competition - East V West – that was really enjoyable, especially where an area was fought over continually – knowing the map and playing against some random new player I would have my tanks roaring through their base before they even started to establish themselves – I reckon I was pretty good. Where the Russians won an area and extended the mighty Russian empire it was a top feeling  But it worked the other way as well – it was a real downer when we were kicked out of an area – even more so when there were a series of defeats.

I reckoned I was good, but I soon realised there were players much better than I, & they had no trouble at all in handing me my bum on a plate.

I noticed that there tended to be national characteristics, a bit strange to believe but true. When I discovered I would be playing someone from Korea it was a depressing feeling – the odds were four to one I would be defeated if not straight out thrashed, then in a drawn out exhausting slogfest. I was told that Korean players had a much faster internet connection than I had so had a built in advantage, but I suspected not. A pity because I wanted to win.

So that is where I come from – very competitive, I should enjoy PvP one would think – but EU is for me a long term game so until I can get the groundings, skills & equipment, I will hold myself back from that area. There are heaps of other things to explore & enjoy first