FYI: *Pure Peds Payout* Special on Sentosa's Reach!


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Feb 16, 2005
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Linus Zip Lindström
Pure Peds Payout is running as normal on this area from today.

Songkra Valley is no longer a event area with Pure Peds Payout!

To get you all to feel out the Mutated Madana i will be having a 500peds extra weekly bonus on Arkadia for a time beeing!

Sentosa's Reach celebration!

Sentosa's Reach will have a 500ped bonus ammount to be won each week!

Rules are as follows:
10 Globals = 1 share

Each week everyone over 10 globals share those 500 peds.
More shares equal a bigger % of the 500 ped bonus.

Got 2 of 5 shares? = 200peds bonus!

This is a bonus ontop of the normal payouts that you get!

Welcome to:
Sentosa's Reach on Arkadia
Cords: 14873, 32369 on Arkadia

This land area has Two DNA of Mutated Madana set to Provider maturity!​

Check out my Pure Ped Payouts event this has all other payouts on Sentosa's Reach also!