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May 31, 2012
The Knigths of Entropia
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Gradinaru Starcollector Mihai
Watch out! A Quest Bomb has been detonated and now there is a new way to earn cash in the whacky virtual world of ROCKtropia. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of virtual reality and pop culture and think you can write with panache, then why not get paid for it?

ROCKtropia the wild and irreverent virtual world that you love to hate so much, the planet that brought you Motorhead’s beer garden where you can fight each other over kegs, the planet where you can go out with mining gear and dig up exotic cocktails, the planet where the streets are lined with Bootylicious Android Video Vixens who actually slap you and smack talk back when you are rude. Yes we are talking about the crazy planet that has Cyber Demons for you to crush in Hell and Forum Trolls you can exact revenge on and Zombies you can mash and Rock N Roll Dragons u can bash and Gang bangers you can slash and Rocktropia citizens who dance their virtual asses off so you can collect their sweat and make money for your honey.

Yes Rocktropia, the Planet where you can step inside a movie theater and find yourself butt naked in the Arctic on a Mission to Hunt The THING, the planet where the music never stops, where you can win electric guitars signed by Rock Stars, the planet where Vampires and Werewolves war eternally, where broomsticks and hover boards collide in mid air, the planet where the great battle between Good and Evil is waged and where the outcome may affect the future of mankind.

Yes that place called ROCKtropia is now ready for the critics!

So if you want to become a contributor to Quest Bomb Dot Com and review Missions and Quests and Dungeons and Blueprints and Hang Outs and other Peoples Writing styles and Rocktropia Machinima Videos etc, then Register at, submit an example review in the following thread then contact yours truly NEVERDIE at and if you are approved we will get you up and running.

But how do you make money?

Write your review or Article on the site be sure to include Screenshots and then Save it, if it passess Quality Control and we publish it, then you will earn 5 ped, which you can collect weekly at the CND Lagoon. If you include Video, nicely presented then a published review or article will be worth 10 Ped. You can write as many reviews as you like each week, but we will only Publish those that are really well presented and as the best reviewers raise the bar, it may become more difficult to get your reviews published… We will accept more than one review of the Same thing, if you have something else to offer.

Questbomb is not a database site, but a creative outlet for those who want to creatively Critique and Celebrate the pop culture capital of Virtual Reality… (And hey ROCKtropia is still in its infancy, so get real, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the more you support and nurture this world the more chance it will grow to fulfill its promise) Ulitmately the reviews and articles published on Quest Bomb are also to help those unfamiliar with the Entropia platform get a taste for the variety of content and fun on offer.

Looking forward to reading you reviews!

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