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Mar 7, 2008
Eastern USA
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I received a phone Call from the White House this morning. President Obama was rather perturbed by Rumors that I have been Blogging from Space. It appears that one of his generals was very upset that NEVERDIE has somehow managed to get a jump on the US military in the Virtual Space Race.

With Respect to the President, whose Campaign I freely i admit I helped finance.
I will momentarily cross the thin line between reality and fiction in my blog by conceding that infact although i have escaped from No Way Out Prison, I am not yet in Deep Space... I only pretended to be in Deep Space to throw off the Search parties and Forum Trolls.. In fact I am still on ROCKtropia hiding until Space Opens at which time I and the US generals can start the Space Race on equal terms...

Just to prove that I am not yet in Space, I will get a global today from ROCKtropia as a salute to the President, whose time I hate to see wasted with Nonsense phone calls regarding NEVERDIE.