Rescue Mission 40 PEDS

good old teleport run days....
2. sneak around without being spotted and be killed to spawn near a TP

drop bombs, with TT finder, you will get enough OIL to fly for a week for way less than 20 ped

open calypso rescue team channel and ask for volunteers to pick u up

(welcome to entropia, i see fresh made accoutn on forum)
You have learnt a valuable lesson here & only cost you 40 peds. You have found out that there are both decent players & arseholes in this game. Make a not of their names for future reference. :)

Find out the name of a decent society & join that as well
Sounds like the person who helped you was kinda an ass for accepting those peds. 40 Ped is a Vip warp price and that player should know that.
40 ped is TWO vip warps for any respectable warp ship owner.
Your 100% right, please forgive me <3
by 40 ped i meant vip with pickup
Yes me as well :) hashtag zendule warps, 20 VIP pick up warp. And same price for multiple people vip warping from same location as well.

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