Rescue Mission 40 PEDS

good old teleport run days....
2. sneak around without being spotted and be killed to spawn near a TP

drop bombs, with TT finder, you will get enough OIL to fly for a week for way less than 20 ped

open calypso rescue team channel and ask for volunteers to pick u up

(welcome to entropia, i see fresh made accoutn on forum)
You have learnt a valuable lesson here & only cost you 40 peds. You have found out that there are both decent players & arseholes in this game. Make a not of their names for future reference. :)

Find out the name of a decent society & join that as well
Your 100% right, please forgive me <3
by 40 ped i meant vip with pickup
Yes me as well :) hashtag zendule warps, 20 VIP pick up warp. And same price for multiple people vip warping from same location as well.

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(Hope it was 40 Sweats, not PEDs)
Just as Terminator said, in these cases contact CALYPSO RESCUE TEAM via chat and the service is FREE.

There are also many players who voluntarily respond to these calls and carry out the FREE rescue.

Don't let yourself be scammed by anyone.

"Please follow these steps:
– Join the CRT channel by typing /join #crt in the chat
– Activate it by clicling on the [#crt] tag
– Ask for help
– Send your position by typing /pos in the chat
We will answer you. Be patient, we might be in a Soc hunt or busy rescuing others.
The Rescue Team will bring you to the nearest teleporter."