Seals it for me...


May 30, 2006
New Mexico
Church of Lootius
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Octavius Joser Rex
I will not let Aura resign over this, this is not warranted. Everyone at ABE wants Aura stay and I fully support this.

The next time somebody teases Aura she will however not do that person the favor to respond. Instead, whoever does the teasing will have to deal with me.
This seals the deal for me. I was formerly intrigued and entertained the idea of investing in ACS. No more. Aside from the fact that Aura was ridiculing investers (regardless of the small investment), Anshe stands firm in fully supporting this action. Then she doesn't even allow for thoughts to the contrary to be posted by closing the thread. Fantastic way of doing business. Forget all the small folk that helped you get where you are, AND ridicule them in the process. Oh yeah, don't forget to add that anyone that teases your employees will have to deal with you. Way to threaten them as well.