Selling: Selling full mining setup!


Aug 11, 2021
As the TIttle says i am selling my mining setup, after 1 year and 3 months of using it i decided to give break to mining and start working on my hunting skills!
I am not interested in breaking this collection, buyer will take everything or i will simply keep took me serious time to collect all these!


Item breakdown: Adjusted excavator best in slot if you cannot purchase improved one and price on imp ones are 20-30k ped atm
Omegaton Detectonator MD-40 best eco finder ingame next to md-50 diffrence is in 0.8 and 0.83 pec per use
Tier 4 exhumer fully tiered with 9.5 excavating efficiency for 0.3 pec per 8 months of using it fully enhanced i snapped around 34 enhancers which is nothing in such long period of time/sadly excavating enhancers do not work but if that gets fixed will be rely nice and economical tool
Adjusted refiner-key item for serious miner
Rookie terramaster-with current wave system any decent miner knows how to utilize this 0.10 pec per klick
F106 also relly eco tool for grinding most stuff with hot depth on 500-800 like alternative,pyrite etc
Hermetic Ring Perfected 25% run speed bonus is super important for mining, if you cant run you overlap
D-class Mining amp blueprint with 79 qr , grind your own alternative and make your own amps....simple as that, at worst possible outcome you will break even in long run!
just make sure you get residue @ 100.80 or less, and grind your own alternative and you will do just fine.
ROCTEC M1-LF finders with high tier rates for deep action
on request i can provide new owner with mining skills if neded!
S.B is 28k ped
B.O 32k ped
after S.B has been met it will be sold in one week if i do not recieve higher offer!
Is the price 2 big? 1 decent ring costs 30k ped....this setup is buisness on its own
in smart hands it can pay out itself within 4-5 months

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Any chance I can trade in my dclass bp + ped for yours its like 55 QR? And I would be interested in half of this stuff. The Refiner, 106, md40. Dont need terramaster or the exhumer. And I have a Xmas 16 ring for skill gain and run speed etc.
I recieved plenty offers from traders/colectors...but i relly want some dedicated miner to take full setup and grind with it to present its power on full display, as i mentioned on opening post i dont intend to break set
Setup is back on sale! all items listed above + level 5 finder amplifier blueprint with 99.5 quality rating in adition, S.B. and B.O stays same
Recieved offers on couple items i could not reject! had to split colection ;(