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Maybe bring all planets a bit closer together so we can visit the ones further away more often while adding more different functionality to spaceships.
Maybe bring all planets a bit closer together so we can visit the ones further away more often while adding more different functionality to spaceships.

Or maybe a warp tunnel , one that is slightly more expensive to use than what Motherships charge.


AI gonna run Rocktropia.

So I asked chatGPT.

<Samantha> If you had operational & creative control over the planet Rocktropia, what would you do with it?

<chatGPT> Given creative and operational control over the planet Rocktropia in Entropia Universe, I'd focus on enhancing the player experience by introducing new content, improving existing systems, and fostering a strong community. Here are some ideas:

1. New Content and Activities

  • Themed Quests and Storylines: Develop a rich lore with engaging storylines and quests that tie into the rock music theme of Rocktropia. Include quests that involve famous rock legends and mythical stories related to music.
  • Dynamic Events: Introduce dynamic, time-limited events that offer unique rewards. These could be music festivals, battle of the bands competitions, or special hunting and mining events with rare drops.
  • Mini-Games and Competitions: Add music-related mini-games and competitions where players can earn PED and other rewards. Examples include rhythm-based challenges, virtual concerts, and dance-offs.

2. Economy and Professions

  • Unique Resources and Crafting: Introduce new resources unique to Rocktropia that can be used in crafting exclusive items. Develop crafting recipes that require these resources, encouraging trade and exploration.
  • Player-Owned Businesses: Expand opportunities for player-owned businesses, such as music venues, recording studios, and merchandise shops. Provide tools for players to create and sell their own music and merchandise in-game.

3. Environment and Exploration

  • Diverse Landscapes: Enhance the visual diversity of Rocktropia with different biomes and landmarks inspired by iconic music genres and cultures. This could include neon-lit cities, serene countryside, and mysterious underground caves.
  • Hidden Secrets and Easter Eggs: Scatter hidden secrets and Easter eggs throughout the planet that reference famous rock songs, albums, and artists. Encourage exploration by rewarding players who discover these hidden gems.

4. Community Building

  • Social Hubs: Create social hubs where players can gather, interact, and organize events. These hubs could include concert halls, bars, and chill-out zones with music and dance floors.
  • Player-Driven Events: Encourage players to host their own events and concerts with tools and support from the game developers. Offer prizes and recognition for the most popular and creative events.

5. Technical Improvements

  • Performance Optimization: Continuously work on optimizing the game’s performance to ensure a smooth experience for all players, regardless of their hardware.
  • Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Updates: Regularly address bugs and implement quality of life improvements based on player feedback. This includes better inventory management, improved UI, and more intuitive controls.

6. Marketing and Collaboration

  • Collaborations with Real-World Artists: Partner with real-world rock artists and bands to bring exclusive in-game content, such as virtual concerts, limited edition merchandise, and artist-themed quests.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Run marketing campaigns to attract new players, including free trial periods, referral bonuses, and social media contests.

7. Sustainability and Ethics

  • Transparent Economy: Ensure transparency in the in-game economy to maintain player trust. Provide clear information about how the real cash economy works and offer tools for players to manage their investments.
  • Community Engagement: Maintain an active presence in the player community, listening to feedback, and involving players in decision-making processes through polls and surveys.
By focusing on these areas, Rocktropia could become a vibrant and dynamic destination within Entropia Universe, offering players a unique and engaging experience centered around the world of rock music.

...I dunno how to feel about this.
How to feel about that answer from chat GPT?
Ok, maybe a bit mixed feelings that an AI generated answer can be so good?
Mixed feelings that even something non-sentient can answer so much better than in the whole history of Entropia and ND?
Considering how the playerbase has been listened to (or not) over the years, would MA listen to bits and bytes?

Overall, that answer is so good it's unreal!
On Tuesday 2024-06-11 at 08:00 UTC, the Entropia Universe servers will be taken offline for an update to release 18.4.0.

We estimate a downtime of 1 hour.

Estimated max download size for this release is approximately 1,5 GB.

For details on UTC time please see

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Why is every update 1.5 GB but it is not. Or is my internet so fast? :unsure:

ark developers already responded publicly that there wont be an upgrade of viceroy in the future but I guess you never bother to read anything.
Ark still has developers? Easy missed when most think that place is a ghost town.