Shop #53 Independence Day Setup

Kain Dewey Fall

Oct 27, 2017
Specialized Planet Expedition Dominion
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Kain Dewey Fall


It is summer time and Americas Independence day is coming up, filled with lots of fruit to eat in the coming season, Lake and swimming fun, lots of heat, lots of explosives( I mean fireworks), feelings the rocks and sand under your feat and defying the feats of life and physics with the great knowledge of mankind or the Earth in its entirety as whole. Nothing is funner than knowing the we are individually made the same yet are defined differently which sets our creative world for eccentric independence. Culture is beyond comfortable.

Everything in my shop is for sale, PM me if you have any suggestions or comments. :)

To locate FOMA Shop #53 at the Asteroid FOMA select the teleport location, Main Complex Block B, the shopping complex of Asteroid FOMA is the area where the teleports are in a circle. There are 66 Asteroid FOMA Shops and mine is Located closest to teleport Main Complex Block B. When you get to the location face the Storage terminal next to the teleport and turn right and go straight. My shop is in that Dark hallway to the right of the storage terminal next to the Main Complex Block B teleport.