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Apr 22, 2011
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Rowan Ra Zamora
I couldn't find one already in the forum, so here is the beginning of a collection of basic information about shops. I will elaborate as I remember more. Feel free to suggest additions/points I have missed.

As an alternative to the Auction House, there are several hundred player-owned shops on Calypso and F.O.M.A. Items can sometimes be found in them for less than the going MU. Shops can be found in three different types of location on Calypso: Malls, Cities, and Marketplaces. There is one shop location on F.O.M.A.

  • Deer Mall
  • Emerald Lakes
  • Medusa
  • Port Atlantis
  • Twin Peaks
Malls are large buildings/estates owned by players. They have a variety of shops inside, from which the estate holder receives a percentage of every sale. Emerald, PA, and TP have the same design of three floors, twelve shops to a floor. Medusa has five floors, with six shops each, and Deer has two floors, 11 shops on the first and 12 on the second. [check these numbers]

Note: the numbering, while odd, is correct. There are no shops 6 or 9.

(credit for image: SZ)

[medusa floor plan - need to draw]

  • Genesis Amethera Headquarters
  • Omegaton Habitat West
  • Sakura City
  • Treasure Island City
Cities consist of five (always?) towers that house both apartments and shops. The shops are on the ground floor, in hallways around the perimeter of the towers. Besides the internal room, each shop has an external display area, corresponding to the RL display window on a store.

Each tower has the capacity for 18 shops, with six shops on each wall. Many of these shops have never been implemented by MA, leaving the majority empty. Some towers also have booths located in one or more of the three entrance areas.

Booths are identified by booth number, and shops are identified by tower name, block value (A, B, or C), and shop number (1-6). In each block, shops are numbered from left to right, except for Sakura City Yuujou Tower block A, and Genesis Tower D block B, which are numbered right to left.

  • Cape Corinth
  • Chateau Liberte
MPs are collections of outside booths. There are two on Calypso: one in Cape Corinth and one at Chateau Liberte on an island south of Nymphtown. [mp tax?]

[layouts - need to draw]

Shopkeepers are in-game items like miniature shops that can be placed in an estate you own. These include apartments, land area sheds, houses, shops, hangars, and castles. SKs require 6(?) item points, so be sure to allow for that when deciding on an estate. They decay 10 PEC per sale, and once they reach minimum value, players may view what they contain but cannot buy from them. [SKs in apartment have tax?]

A basic guide to estate buying/owning can be found in this thread. A few things are outdated, such as prices, references to rent, and hangar info, but in general the basics remain the same. The OP also includes a good picture of apartment layouts. [possibly include here]

Apartments are located in the towers in the cities listed above. The number of shopkeepers that can be placed in each one depends on the number of item points an apartment has.

Land Area Sheds
These are found on land areas on Amathera. The shed deed is separate from the actual land area deed, and they are often not owned by the same player. [look up item points - all the same?]

Houses are small estates that can be found in small clusters in various locations, usually some distance from TPs, cities, or other populated locations.[item points same? across all locations?]


Castles are similar to houses, but on a larger scale.
Chateau Liberte

[To be elaborated further]
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note - auction and shop calculations were recently changed in early 2013
guicres said:

I noticed some days ago that the auction fees have been lowered.
For the estates, it has been reduced up to 90%, and for the rest up to 25% (for the highers markups).

Old Formula was:
Auction Fee = (0.5 + Markup * 99.5 / (1990 + Markup))

I found that for non-estates, it's now something like:
Auction Fee = (0.5 + Markup * 74.63 / (1493 + Markup))

But it seems accurate only up to a markup of 60,000 PED.

Did someone know the real formula?
==========more accurate:
Auction Fee = 0.5 + Markup * 74.625 / (1492.5 + Markup)

And for the estates:
Auction Fee = 0.5 + Markup * 9.95 / (199 + Markup)
============= - formulas

Here's the Exact formulas:

Auction Fee/Commission = (0.5 + Markup * 99.5 / (1990 + Markup))

Shop Tax = (Markup * 49.75 / (1990 + Markup))

quick reference

Markup - Auction Fee
0 PED - 0.5 PED
5 PED - 0.74 PED
10 PED - 0.99 PED
20 PED - 1.49 PED
30 PED - 1.97 PED
50 PED - 2.93 PED
70 PED - 3.88 PED
100 PED - 5.26 PED
150 PED - 7.47 PED
200 PED - 9.58 PED
300 PED - 13.53 PED
400 PED - 17.15 PED
500 PED - 20.47 PED
700 PED - 26.39 PED
1,000 PED - 33.77 PED
1,500 PED - 43.26 PED
2,000 PED - 50.37 PED
3,000 PED - 60.31 PED
5,000 PED - 71.67 PED
7,000 PED - 77.97 PED
10,000 PED - 83.48 PED
20,000 PED - 90.99 PED
100,000 PED - 98.05 PED
9,999,999 PED - 99.98 PED

Markup - Auction Fee						
0 PED - 0.5 PED			Markup		Taxes on shops	tax markup / auction markup
5 PED - 0.74 PED		+5	 	0.12 		0.162162162
10 PED - 0.99 PED		+10	 	0.25 		0.252525253
20 PED - 1.49 PED		+20	 	0.50 		0.33557047
30 PED - 1.97 PED		+30		 0.74 		0.375634518
50 PED - 2.93 PED		+50	 	1.22 		0.416382253
70 PED - 3.88 PED		+70	 	1.69 		0.43556701
100 PED - 5.26 PED		+100		 2.38 		0.452471483
150 PED - 7.47 PED		+150		 3.49 		0.467202142
200 PED - 9.58 PED		+200		 4.54 		0.473903967
300 PED - 13.53 PED		+300		 6.52 		0.481892092
400 PED - 17.15 PED		+400		 8.33 		0.485714286
500 PED - 20.47 PED		+500		 9.99 		0.488031265
700 PED - 26.39 PED		+700		 12.95 		0.49071618
1,000 PED - 33.77 PED		+1000		 16.64 		0.49274504
1,500 PED - 43.26 PED		+1500		 21.38 		0.494220989
2,000 PED - 50.37 PED		+2000		 24.94 		0.495135994
3,000 PED - 60.31 PED		+3000		 29.91 		0.495937655
5,000 PED - 71.67 PED		+5000		 35.59 		0.496581554
7,000 PED - 77.97 PED		+7000		 38.74 		0.496857766
10,000 PED - 83.48 PED		+10000		 41.49 		0.497005271
20,000 PED - 90.99 PED		+20000	 	45.25 		0.497307396
100,000 PED - 98.05 PED		+100000	 	48.78 		0.497501275
9,999,999 PED - 99.98 PED 	+9999999	 49.74 		0.4974995

So as you start out at +1 Shops save you roughly 16% as a shop owner vs being an auction seller... As that number grows you start to approach 50% savings, but never quite make a full 50% savings. If these calculations are right, it just goes to show that MA|Planet Partner gets about 2x more out of it's cut of auction sales than Land Owners get ouf of shop taxes, and shows that it's cheaper, in the long run, for shop owners to sell in shops than in auction, assuming they can get regular repeat customers.... which isn't as easy to do as it might sound. - basic estate guide from a few years back (some info, but not all is outdated)

Diagram for the apartments themselves hasn't really changed much over time even though some visual info has.

Hallways can't store items any more (other than what was put in them prior to the vu where they changed that - those items, if moved won't be able to be put back where they were since MA changed max items to zero in hallways, but left what was there prior to the change) - used to be where 711 had stored a copy of the default background images in the signs that were not PC, but it looks like the images are not coming up today? Maybe someone who has the direct links can put them back up over there or in this thread?


Item point info as it used to be, not taking in to account the upgrades on some estates, etc.

The prices, etc. above are kind of outdated... probably accurate around 2009 or so... but item points per mall, etc. should be close to the same now, except in upgraded estates.

The upgrade option seems to have been removed from MA's website. Someone posted a copy of it somewhere in the forums recently. I'll have to try to find that if someone else doesn't post it here before I get around to it.

Shopkeepers decay .10 per sale. At an earlier point in time, they decayed much more than that. Entropedia info on shopkeepers outlines the old cost vs the new cost.
Added Info (by Solaris):

The decay of a Shopkeeper seem to vary slightly but averages at 38,5 pec for every purchase made. This is important knowledge when selling cheap items! Also the shopkeeper decays 1 pec every time you add an item, and additional 1 pec for every item "cleared" from the inventory. The "Clear all" button on the shopkeeper is rather expensive to use then, but can be avoided if you just drag and drop items back from the shopkeeper to your personal inventory. This action does not bring decay.

The shopkeeper decay formula used to be different then .10 per sale, as noted above.

However, the decay formula for the shopkeepers was changed at some point in time. I have not added this note until now since I'm not 100% certain on the actual date the change happened or which vu caused the change to happen since the change happened prior to my time as an estate owner.

The decay from adding and removing items was taken away and the decay cost is currently 10 pec per
sale. The minimum markup in a shopkeeper, just as it is in any shop or booth is still +1
ped so that minimum tax collection is .02 per sale

Prior to the removal or rent, booths and houses used to not have rental fees. That changed after rent was removed. I still think MA should have done something to reimburse booth owners after that, which has not happened up til now, by upping item points by 20 in booths for free or something as they really screwed over booth owners by removing their one in game estate advantage vs other estates, especially since many booth estates were really non-functional for about a year and a half or more after vu 10 while some other estates were, but since they don't seem to give a crap about the lower end folks who barely struggle by, I doubt anything like that will ever be done...
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Found the upgrade info.


+20 item points – 2,000 PED

Live streaming with music of your choice – 25,000 PED​

Land Area

Large Frontline Battle Teleporter – 150,000 PED

City Spire Teleporter – 125,000 PED

Calypso Classic – 100,000 PED

Custom Teleporter Name (Teleporters inherit by default Land Area names) – 5,000 PED​

Service Center (Terminals not included)

Octagonal Settlement Service Center (6 Terminal, 4 Machine capacity, 1 Auctioneer capacity) – 150,000 PED

Frontier Drop Container (4 Terminal capacity) – 50,000 PED

Forward Support Pod (2 Terminal Capacity) – 10,000 PED​

Service center add-ons

Trade terminal – 25,000 PED

Repair terminal – 25,000 PED

Revival terminal – 25,000 PED

Society terminal – 25,000 PED

Storage terminal – 25,000 PED

Manufacturing machine – 25,000 PED

Auctioneer – 25,000 PED​


Live streaming with music of your choice – 25,000 PED​


Tailored Chat Message for HOF/Global on Land Area e.g. John Smithy Smith killed a creature (Atrox Guardian) worth 100 PED at the Hunters Paradise land area. – 25,000 PED

Teleporter and Service Center upgrades include an automatic buy back of previous model e.g. Upgrade cost to City Spire Teleporter from Calypso Classic Teleporter is 125,000 PED – 100,000 PED = 25,000 PED​

Shopping Malls

Live streaming with music of your choice – 25,000 PED

Custom Name – 10,000 PED

Exterior Texture Renovation – 25,000 PED​


+20 item points – 2,000 PED​

Since Mindark removed this upgrade option from website and does not seem to answer emails to the address that was reserved for it, I suspect the upgrade option is now long gone, but could be wrong? At one point in time they were talking about adding this upgrade functionality to in game systems like through the estate terminal or something, but so far that has never happened... I don't know if the devs are planning on doing something with that or letting the whole idea die?
NBK Entrepreneurs, before it got killed as a society and became NBK Opium, had some graphs of CND Mall, etc. I think? Other types of graphs like that are in various websites I think? Not sure if those images still exist, but they might be in the gallery or some website somewhere?

I think Atlan had some stuff on his website? Maybe there's a cache of it if the site isn't still up?
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Mall map
(put it in the gallery if you don't want mods deleting pics - I don't think they just delete links though)

(2016 update... no longer is functional, but a copy of it (without the map, sadly) is at the Internet Archive:*/ )

I don't think the email addresses on the above Emerald Lakes site still work, or if they do, the folks behind the email addresses are very, very, very slow at answering any email.
======= - probably some outdated info
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Holy crap that's a lot of info. I'd completely forgotten to cover shopkeepers and the various places they can be put, so I need to add that. It's kinda sad seeing all the inactive websites, though.

Thanks for finding all this, Mastermesh!
You left out the Deer Mall at New Oxford.

There are also random shopkeepers around the place. For example there are two on/against the wall in Chateau Liberte.

Also there are several hangars with shopkeepers, and some of them appear to work!
You left out the Deer Mall at New Oxford.

Um, wow. I totally did. Thanks for catching that :)

There are also random shopkeepers around the place. For example there are two on/against the wall in Chateau Liberte.

Also there are several hangars with shopkeepers, and some of them appear to work!

I've started adding shopkeeper info, but I'd forgotten about hangars as well...

Very old maps/diagrams

after re-reading this thread.. KUDOS ON THE APARTMENT SHOP MAP DIAGRAM! That's an awesome image! I've been trying to figure out exactly how the floor plan looks and could never get it quite right. The area in the middle makes it hard to understand conceptually since it's a triangle, but really a hexagon, and the things that look like right angles are not necessarily 90 degrees.
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Found the old map Hardwrath put together:

Sadly, NBK Entrepreneurs no longer exists since it was changed to Otium (although I've contemplated restarting it)
Very old maps/diagrams

after re-reading this thread.. KUDOS ON THE APARTMENT SHOP MAP DIAGRAM! That's an awesome image! I've been trying to figure out exactly how the floor plan looks and could never get it quite right. The area in the middle makes it hard to understand conceptually since it's a triangle, but really a hexagon, and the things that look like right angles are not necessarily 90 degrees.

Thanks! That's actually the main reason I made this thread - trying to explain how to find shops in the towers can be kinda tricky when the person's never even seen a tower. And yeah, I started with trying to use a truncated triangle for the center, but abandoned that rather quickly. It's still not perfect (for one thing, all the shops are the same size), and I'd like to add a visual clue to the outside displays, but I think it works for now :)

Found the old map Hardwrath put together:

Sadly, NBK Entrepreneurs no longer exists since it was changed to Otium (although I've contemplated restarting it)

Nice! I suppose I should include CND under Calypso for shops. I've never been, so info will be a bit sparse, but whatever.

Yeah! They also show the relative sizes of the shops better. I may have to see about snitching one of those without the shop names :p