Selling: (Sold) LP70 FEN T9.6 and Hypercharged A204

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Dec 13, 2005
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Feng Huan SecretAznMan Zho
Currently got lots of stuff going on IRL, including house hunting, and see myself not having much time to play for a bit, so decided I'd put this on the market for someone else who could put it to good use :).

UPDATE: Wife and I bought a house! But boy does it keep us busy.... 😅😅😅

PM me your offers.

Will consider a trade down to IMK2 (not twen, lower tier ideally) :),or lp40 perf (lower tier ideally).

Sold in trade.
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Another bump! You could pay 200k-300k for a T0 IMK2 TWEN, or you can pay 200k for a T9 LP70 FEN+HCA204!

bump! Added note that I am interested in trading down to IMK2 (not twen :rolleyes: ):)
bump bump...added buyout.
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Bump for a solid grinder at a good price.
Bumping this post again, as things are picking back up IRL again so might be a bit before I get any actual time to play again...
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Great setup at a really great price.
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