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Dec 19, 2022
Hello everyone.

As a new player who is struggling with the problems of organizing the game on different planets,
I decided to organize a topic that can help others willing to travel together and share the game.
I apologize in advance if this topic will be strange to many from an experience perspective.
This will be my contribution to the community, and I will try to create graphics depicting ship routes similar to train station timetables. To be used by anyone who wants to use it on their sites without any copyright etc.
Each planet will have its own separate departure table. Of course I will not create this for every ship.

The information will include contact information to the owner of the ship, hours of availability and services available, plus the location of docking, if any. In addition, the contact details of the ship's pilots will be included. As well as other information that you provide.

I understand that not everyone wants to give the S.I. of the ship. Free will.

There will be no information here about Equus warps or others, I consider it a taxi service on demand.

I will need the following information and in such a scheme please present it so that I can more easily complete the data.

1 - Name of the ship(S.I. of the ship, plus the docking location if any).
2 - Owner of the ship(plus hours of availability during the week and for the weekend, given +/- in the time frame, this is about information on when the player can expect to join the passenger list).
3 - Ship Services(scheduled warps/on demand*VIP/Repair Flights/Hunting).

This information will be in bold font.

4 - Employed Pilots (List).

5 - Hours and weekly schedule of warps.
6 - Hours of available VIP warps(Is cost-sharing travel available).
7 - Warp price list.

8 - Hours and weekly schedule of repair flights.
9 - Whether there is a vendor of tools needed for repairs on the ship.

10 - Hours and weekly scheduled Hunts.

If any service or information is not available, simply leave blank.
I encourage anyone who has information to help build it.
Thanks for your help on behalf of every player.


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Thanks for the info. Nice
List updated.

Thank you all for good words.
When I'm moving out of planet, then I shoot screenshots, note all in notes and update list.
At this weekend I will move more do to Boss hunt event, so hope more data will come.
I also speak with some owner's, make research and soon will make graphic with some departure table for MS's.

Wish you all a good relax'ed weekend.
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