Suggestion: Stop Markt up Manipulation

Manipulation yes or no

  • Yes stop it

  • No, i love MU manipulations

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May 29, 2005
The Ministry
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Wizzina Wizz Pale Moon
i sold one for 1775 the other day it did jump to 2200
I sold mine for 1600, and was really satisfied with that. Considering I paid 400 ped for it a long time ago.
But yeah, in hindsight, I should have waited longer.
2 months before I sold it, I had also palced it on auction for 1400 but it didn't sell.

Now, that I sold it for 1200 more then I bought it, does it mean I manipulated the market?

Or is it just a matter of supply and demand?

It would be manipulating if I would use and alt to buy my own auction listing to get the price up, but I dont think thats the case here.

Also, your poll question is lame and doesnt make sense.
Sure, I think all of us are against market manipulation, but the case which you brought has nothing to do with your poll.


Mar 7, 2021
Dirty Dingos
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Marco Killy Stur
Besides i strong believe that prices rise is just lack of supply (few UL items drop) against rising demand (so seller tryu to get a higher sale price)

the only market manipulation possible in Entropia is Pump and Dump abuse that means.. you can not sell what you do not have
so you can just push prices up and sell at a higher price
distinguish from pump and dump is hard....
if a trader buys all the "Trauma 6 amp" that he see to subtract from market liquidity to make them rise in value offering them all at 2x the price.. its pump and dump
but entropia has no relationship with real world markets, there is not a watchdog, so we know the rules... and there are no rules apart scamming prevention

in armor prices are even more deceiving.... there is a price from some set component and not a "armor set" price in AH and seldom armors are sold in AH

moreover there are few interesting items and ppl just do not realiza some prices are not worth to be paid... but ... for some it is just amusement money
so paying 20 ped or 30 is nto a mater, for some its not a mater to pay 3000 instead of 2000... this is a game....


Feb 4, 2012
Behind You
Stockholm Syndrome
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Charley Moondog 1969
I do try to manufacture as many items as possible for my own use. Personally I see manipulation of blueprint prices quite often. I am happy to pay over the MU for BP's I need but I am always careful not to pay too much as I worry that I am inflating a market I want to be competitive in. Recently I bid on a certain BP but did not want to pay the BO (as it was, in my opinion) over inflated. A well known crafter paid the BO which is fine and I have no issue with it. Yesterday the same BP came back on the market but the MU for SB and BO was far too high. My concern is that the purchase of the previous BP by the well known crafter helped push the price up of the next one as the market trend was showing the value going up. This was the reason I did not pay the original BP BO, I do not want to over inflate the market I am involved in. I will be following closely to see if anyone buys the BP, if they do then I will consider the item to pricey to craft and will look for alternative in demand items instead