Selling: Storage Cleanout! (11/25 - Prices updated)

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Boo Who You
Items for sale:

Halloween Boxes: 1.25 Ped Each
Easter Ring 2017: BO: 25k
Incision Plate Improved x3: BO: TT+600 Ped Each
Urban Nomad Centurion Coat Female: BO 3.75K
Mountain Gorilla Deed Lv14 w/ 5m Auto Loot unlocked: BO 1.5k
[Ark Formal Tuxedo - Blue (M)] & [Ark Formal Pants - Blue (M)] : BO Undecided - PM Offers
[GUNNAR Vayper Gaming Glasses (M)] : BO 1.5k

BUYING> Pulsar Armor Plate - Gold Rush Edition & Defender Plating of the Sand King

BOs are my target price, please feel free to send offers/trades and we can try to work a deal

More items to follow in the coming days. PM offers/trades here on PCF or ingame. Cheers!
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Change Log:

Items Added:
Salamander Female set - 6 part normal 1 part SGA
Added BO on Snub @ 80k BO
Added S20 ring
Change Log:

Improved Angel (F) SET T1.99-2.99

Pending Sale:
Great Claw FEN T3.99
M83 Predator T10

BO Reduced:
King Kong Snub-U80 T10

Items of Interest updated:
Mod Merc
BC80 Aug
Gold Rush Plates
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Change Log:

Items Added:

Halloween Boxes -- 10k+ units
Xmas Boxes -- 7k+ Units
Easter Boxes -- 3k+ Units
Mayhem Trauma Amplifier 2

Genesis Sparkbite E.L.M Edition (L)s --- BULK
- I have over 250 (L) Sparkbites, of those over 30 of them are high tier rate (between 600-3.3k tier rate)
Change log:

Sparkbites removed from this thread & and individual thread started for just those items.
Change Log:

Buyout lowered on the T9 Master club

A few offers have rolled in about the supremacy. I would be interested in a lower level of armor +ped.

Again, feel free to shoot an offer on any item.
Items Added:

Mod Merc T6
M83 Predator T10
Mayhem Melee Trauma Amp 5
Mayhem Melee Trauma Amp 4
Summer Ring 2016
Change Log:

Items Added:
Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition T2.99
Summer Ring 2018

Items Sold:
Halloween Boxes
Easter Boxes
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Change Log:

Items sold:
M83 Predator T10
Mod Merc T6

Item Added:
Moloch Depths Shop
Items Added:

Smuggler Plates 1 - Full Set
Incision Plates Improved -- Full Set

Feel free to PM any offers/trades on items.

Serpent's Scale Modified
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