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Feb 21, 2005
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Sbinortz Sbi Latz'tek
Make a difference, support EU - spread the word about the game.

Stream your gameplay or watch other gamers stream!
You can even mute the channel and hide it away when focused elsewhere - the more viewers EU have the more it will get promoted on Twitch/Youtube.
Want to help even more? Be helpful in channels and answer new and potential players' questions.

Below you will find a list of active EU streamers. Reply to this thread if you want to be added. Feel free to put in a few words regarding who you are, your stream, TeamSpeak info etc..

Specially featured today :) (High level player, eco freak!)

StripINK (New player, music, loads of player interaction)

VandalHand (Newer player, music, loads of player interaction)

Zombient_gaming (Newer player, music, loads of player interaction)

Nick Seventia (Newer player)

Tyrionn (Newer player)

milachkalera (Russian girl. Mostly hunting. Mid-level player)

Stardrifter (Mainly Low - Mid Level Grinding & Decent (I think anyway) Music) (Low - Mid level. I like streaming whenever I can. I'm prob between low-mid level player (hit lvl is 27), but I've been playing since 2011 - so I got quite a lot of knowledge about the game. First started playing for real like a year ago, been taking it slow since. My first and only disciple is already over lvl 50 lol. I do some mining as well ocasionally, but know very little about it.)

Hypnotyk & youtube (mid-level player, mic and player interaction)

Garci (mid-level player, hunting, crafting and mining)

Benster One (mid-level player, loads of player interaction)

Cardboardplayer (?)

Aiodakina (?)

Ravenvalicur (usually mornings CST, some weekends, mission grinding, mid level hunting)

rocket192 (Tune in Friday-Sunday for some uber-cycling indoor ATH mining. Mic'd up playing 2000s hip-hop always. (likely be drunk after 4pm)

Benjamin Ben Coyote
Burrito Bar and Educational Grill (mid-level player, loads of player interaction)

Zammaroth (mid-high level player)

Killahbee (mid-high level loads of interaction)

Atomic Storm (high level player)

Eve Everglades (high-level)

Jodaeu (high-level)

Skalman (high-level)

Star Marcury (high-level)

Akiran Blade (high-level)

devastatingvodka & YouTube (high-level)

bird83 (Messi) (high-level)

sidxx (high-level)

forgo (high-level ?)

Dan Trin (?)

and more streamers :)


Aztec Rose (low-midlevel, mostly mining, bit of hunting, lots of talking shit and bad music ;))



Selected vids:

10 Most Expensive Virtual Items Ever Sold

Entropia Universe 7000 dollars loot
(do it like a Viking!)

Other related links:
The link list

Entropia Universe main page in twitch. This lists all the active streams.

Youtube Gaming

Entropia Reddit

One Stream a day keeps No loot away!
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Would like to add this video of top 10 most expensive purchases in virtual universes. Entropia Universe makes the top 6 :) Does great job promoting Entropia Universe. Is positive upbeat video :)

Yoshii Yoshii Lem chat name: VaryagDelivers

Have ingots to increase ship SI but your VSE is too low? Ask me to drop them in for you no charge for this service
A stream a day keeps No loot away! - spread the awareness!
Lol how about a d*ckhead pirate being added to the list? I dont stream pirate activities. Mostly mining and a little bit of hunting. Lots of talking shit and bad music. :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
I hurt Sbi. You didn't include mine. This transgression will not be forgotten. It shant be! *shakes fist*
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Nice Thread! Free bump.
Added a link to here and some of the ones you linked to to the Link List . Please keep this thread going since I suspect there's a lot of streamers out there that haven't been posted here in forum yet.
I'm sure he will, graduated as my disciple in 10 days :)
I know, I know ;)...this only speaks in his favor being a potential longtime player :thumbup:...loved when you guys met up with NEVERDIE btw and he got all starstruck and shit...that was a truly epic twitch moment right there... :laugh::thumbup::laugh:

main focus is hunting :)
As a miner, streaming your favorite mining spots is a big no-no...

Hence why most mining streams are indoor mining/gambling which I can't afford :D

Unless you're Joda or messi streaming PvP mining :sniper:

I hope to start streaming eventually, as soon as I figure out what to stream :scratch2:

But yes great thread and I hope we can get way more people active on Twitch!

Maybe post this on the Entropia reddit as well for extra exposure?
i really think its a good way to advertise EU on twitch thing is some of this guys need more interaction with the stream !! so far Stripe is doing a good job
The comments on the youtube video for 7000 dollar loot are HORRIBLE.

but i guess most youtube video comments are, but man shows people's thoughts on the game

ty for posting - always good to see promotion
Stream it up! Add a link to your favorit vids in this thread and spread awareness/get exposure :)
that is a good thread! though I prefer youtube to streams by a long shot
Should b e a section not only about EU but gaming in general..

Many people are specialists, I'm more of a generalist

I not only try to educate the newer players what they should do, but also talk about things like the economics of the game, as well as give the folks a little demosnsttation of some of the issions in game.. (Plan to take this to other planets.

Anyway Check out Ben's Burrito Bar and Educational Grill (and yes i do other games as well but will try and do more EU in the future.)

(Sgt.) Benjamin Ben Coyote, IFN Marines,
A.J.A "The Blind Sniper" (And) "His_Dog_Spot'

EDIT: I deal with Economics, space, and even hunting, Resource fathering, and yes even crafting.. (And folks, I do have a Chat channel in game #Bben_tv as well as I bring in a wide variety of players to share their experiences.. This is really for the newer players to get a good idea what this game is all about.

Good thread btw.. +Rep for the OP
Link those funny, sad, exciting, stupid vids! Let's see them :)
One stream a day keeps no loot away! :) Add your best stream vids here.
I could stream my hunts to. But if you want real new players let a populair streamer get sponsored and it will lure for sure 100 new players in. and maybe 30 will stay.