Svempa S60 Vs FreanD Delta BLP Pistol


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May 13, 2006
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Ian Goose Macdonald
I`m using a FreanD Delta at the min as want to try and get my pistol skill cought up to my riffle. the Delta is great with beast amp, but rather than repairing the delta after the next run, i`m thinking about giving Svempa S60 a go.

Worth it?? Any one any experience with them? better for Eco runs?

Hit me with your thought please :)
They're quite different dmg/s wise, with freand-D being much higher, so it comes down to your skills or there lack of :D
well i`m 3.2Ha on the delta. i know its lower Dmg/sec but is it useable (i cant stand these L weopons with no power)
I tried svempa S60 and was satisfied. I didn't use any amp though, damage was enought for me. With 10/10 hit ability I'll choose svempa S60 instead of any other regular pistol.

Adding some low-end amp to svempa s60 might result in more damage but I'm not sure about economy then. If breer p4a and p5a would be more available I'd use them.