Selling: T10-ArMatrix BC-120, FEN Edition- bc 120

image zz

Nov 6, 2016
Putting this out there as a possible sell, hit me up, I'm in no way in a rush to move this as i will be shooting it daily... i will not except lowball prices, This is the best overall gun in the entire game... and with TWEN and 3 mayhems incoming there is not a better time... pm me in game for faster response, but i will check in here every so often. (I do have a pair of mk1 10% crit sights also- so 2x = 20% crit damage increase) these could possibly move with it as it just makes the gun that much better.....) I will not separate them and i wont sell the MK sights separately.

interested in liquid/ped -(also looking for Perf Hedoc)