Technical Problem... Please Help Me!


Feb 8, 2008
Virginia, USA
Odysseus Unbound
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Cordell Mustang Jun
I have a technical problem I cannot seem to find a solution for and I hope and pray someone here has an idea about what I can do solve it.

The following is a description of my computer:
Intel i7- 920 processor
6GB memory
Radeon HD 4850 video card
Vista 64 bit OS (home premium version)

The following is a description of my problem:
I log into EU fine, the graphics are great. My problem is switching form cursor mode to movement mode and back (space key). This operation is taking 30 seconds each way. And I have no idea why, but I do know it is driving me crazy. :mad:

First thing I did was reset to low graphics settings, didn’t help. Then I went to my task manager and eliminated all processes that seemed unnecessary, didn’t help. Took down my firewall, even removed some programs I'm not really using, didn't help. I tried goggling the problem of slow process functions and got nowhere with that.

I have basically reached the end of my technical expertise and need some help. It seems to me that my system should be at least adequate to function in EU so my gut tells me there is a solution. I just don’t know what it is. I’m pulling out hair trying to figure it out. I have been working on this every chance I have had since the new VU opened up.

Please, please someone help me… :)
Could there be a problem with the actual space bar on your keyboard?

I can hit the space bar tell that the computer recieved the request, I can hear the system working on it...
"When" I was able to play for a bit I did notice that when my spacebar did not change the cursor I could click the mousewheel and it seemed to work instantly. At least I think it was the mouse wheel and not the left or right button. I have not been able to actually log into the game the last 2 nights after a crash, so I am not 100% sure which button it was on the mouse, but I think it was the wheel. Give that a try.
I cant get my cursor to work in game at all now, no matter what I try. Was working fine when logged in earlier. :eek: