The Ministry is recruiting // 2020


Sep 21, 2014
The Ministry
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milton osga hastings

The Ministry is recruiting.

What is the Ministry?

The Ministry is a society with most of the active core of the old Odysseus Unbound society, now defunct a few years ago. We have a strong society atmosphere with members from Europe and America, and we are a tight group of people that share good and bad times, discuss everything game related and any other topics.

We believe we are stronger together than each on its own. Constantly moving throughout the universe, our society members regularly gather for team hunts (any type of hunt/mob) and helping each other if needed or sharing information in soc chat. We basically have fun together and let the good times roll (oh and during team hunts we always split our items evenly unless announced upfront).

Our society is made up of old veterans and newer players aged from 22 -50 ish. As Parlog said, "We respect the little differences, we live different lifes in different places all over the world. Ingame we have different gaming-styles, different deposit habbits, different relations to money/items/skills/the games setup".

We have a military template because one of our members wanted to be captain. There is no other reason for us to have a military template. The society is lead by the General and Colonels with an advising role of the Captains. Ranks in the society are based on longevity, activity ingame, activity on our private society forum and skill, where skill is mentioned last.

What can you expect:
Laid back atmosphere
Sharing of knowledge for our mutual benefit
Loads of extra insight and information on our website and forum (currently under works)
The Magic Octopus

What are we looking for?
Are you a player who can keep his own pants up?
Do you like teamhunting and socialising in soc chat?
We are a hunting oriented society, but miners/crafters/traders are ofcourse also welcomed and encouraged to join.

We are currently looking for more mid to high level skilled players (200k+) players but are keen to listen any brave applicants from any levels.

How to join:
Send a pm on this forum, or contact any of these players ingame: Milton Osga Hastings, Freddy Michael Krueger, Storm Spawn Bootcamp​
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recruitment's up!
up up, join The Ministry now!
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We are still looking for active, honest, friendly and lonely Mates...... :sneaky:
hey guys,
i will be back to EU soon! I really miss the hof-sound and my playboys and playmates. I even miss everybody cursing when loot was bad. It makes the good runs sooo much sweater, i miss the feeling of beeing stunned when it happens. Last couple of days i tried to get an update on the current state of EU. It does look promising. Damn i am here for 14 and a half years on and off as off lately.

We have arrived at times where staying at home all day, everyday, playing EU is actually a virtue. Sad to hear of all the losses of loved ones, sad to read it here on the forums, reality is kicking in, RIP friends and condolecence to the ones who lost a loved one! I do not want to dig too much into that.

In general i wish in my fairyworld to have a sparklemaned unicorne explain me all of this. OSGAAA!!! I definetely need a timeout from reality for i have achived all my RL-goals upto the present point and i am 100% ready for some lube on my loot cogwheels to say it in soc-slang.

i has a gun, i has a fap, i has a crappy armor, what could possibly go wrong? Can i (re)join ze gäng?
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Hey buddy!!

We'd rather have you back in-game yesterday than tomorrow !! I am pleased that you were able to regulate your RL affairs and that you are now joining us again. :)
See you ingame. :sneaky:;)

Actually, I just wanted to say: WELCOME BACK !!!! :cool::D


Hiya Freddy,

i am still waiting for my new pc. I am reading this forum, trying to catch up on the changes, getting "hungry" and trying to figure out the best way how to transfer my old longterm-mission-goals to the new Codex Missions. Lucky me, i didnt loose too deep a progression in any iron mission, still I might need a mentor to explain me aaaaalllllll the changes since easter 2018, i wonder if you passed me in skills by now, i think i have roundabout 212k . I feel like a stranger comming back to hometown after a long journey. It was a good journey so je ne regrete rien.

See you soon! :beerchug:

Hi Par,
Hopefully your new PC will be there soon. We can't wait to welcome you back into our midst. A lot has changed, that's right, but you will see that nothing has changed in the principle, we'll get that explained quickly.
The Ministry is Recruiting & Going to become active once again, all aboard !!
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2020 is so last year...
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